sherlockhitchc 16:47 05 Apr 2008

I have an Advent Laptop 7014 and it is quite old (bought it in late 2002 / 2003). It has a virus which is slowing everything down and it now will not access the internet / it infects all my memory sticks and is generally a nightmare! I do not have the cash to buy another one so I am trying to reinstall windows (XP) on it. The internal CD ROM drive does not work (broke about 6 months ago so I have an external CD/DVD drive). I have all the recovery disks BUT when I load them on startup the prompt does not come up. It seems that the startup system can only load CDs from the internal CD ROM drive which I do not think is working (not sure if the reason is a software or hardware issue). I do not have lots of cash to solve this. What should I do?
Thankyou very much - any help will be much appreciated!

  Diemmess 17:04 05 Apr 2008

If you can go into the BIOS (tap Delete or perhaps F2 from the moment you switch on), you might be lucky and find in boot options that you can change the first boot device to USB or external CDROM.

It may be this is a very recent facility and I'm not sure of the exact words, but it must be worth a look.

  tullie 17:12 05 Apr 2008

Why cant you get rid of virus using your anti virus software?What is the name of the virus?

  Teaboy 17:14 05 Apr 2008

have a look in help search for cd rom autoplay repair. Or try MS download centre for autoplay repair wizard, auotfix.exe

  Teaboy 17:17 05 Apr 2008

Ishould have added click on the autofix. exe link, it will download automatically, and fix any errors.

  sherlockhitchc 17:27 05 Apr 2008

Tried the F2 / delete thing but I cannot change the CD drive in startup. It is set.
will have a look for CD ROM autoplay repair. Only issue with MS download centre is do I need to be on the web for that? (The laptop will not allow me to get on the internet unfortunately). If not I will burn it onto a CD ROM from another computer.

  brundle 17:42 05 Apr 2008

Autofix won't make any difference if the internal drive is broken, and it works from within Windows - if your discs run OK on the external drive it won't make any difference. It won't do any harm either though. If you can't boot from any other device than HD or internal CD your options are limited. One way would be to copy the I386 folder from your XP CD to the C: drive and somehow get into DOS before WIndows loads and run XP setup from the I386 folder. How you'll manage getting to DOS before XP loads when you have no means of booting from anything other than the HD I can't think of - someone on the forum is bound to have an idea.

  brundle 17:44 05 Apr 2008

Hitting F8 at startup and using Safe Mode With COmmand Prompt is unlikely to work as it's still loading bits of the OS you want to overwrite, but you could try it.

  brundle 17:50 05 Apr 2008

The laptop has a floppy drive correct? Use a WinME boot disk. Change the boot sequence as suggested by Diemmess. click here

  sherlockhitchc 18:11 05 Apr 2008

Thanks for that advice - I ran autofix.exe but unfortunately it was not able to fix the problem as it detected that there was an issue but that it did not have any way to fix it.

If anyone has any more suggestions they would be very gratefully appreciated...

  sherlockhitchc 18:15 05 Apr 2008

OK yes I do have a floppy drive - I'm going to try the windows ME thing and see what happens.

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