Cannot register on Driver Setective ??

  User-D741F308-D674-4279-90B19F89F559298B 17:46 13 Aug 2008

Have downloaded the software ok - rana scan tells me there are TWENTY (oops) drivers out of date , but when I go to update them it tells me I have to register. No problem click on the register icon and I get Windows cannot find the file ??

any ideas please as my ATI Radeon graphics card is kaput !!

Thks in advance

  bobbybowls 17:54 13 Aug 2008

you do not need to use 3rd party solutions go directly to the manufacturer. click here

  gardener 17:58 13 Aug 2008

Agree with bobbybowls,

I've tried a few of these driver update programmes and most of them give misleading results from the scan. Manufacturers' site is the best place to go.

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