Cannot reformat pc or anything and really stuck...

  ozzymodo 10:06 25 Apr 2006

Hi there helpers, the last time I wrote with a problem you lot fixed it within 1/2 hr of my posting and once again I am asking if you can help.The wifes cousin is a computer illiterat and have got mega prob so here goes,,,,They cannot get on the net (AOL will not reinstall) they cannot do system restore (egg timer appears next to cursor for a few seconds then goes) when shutting down it sometimes locks and they have to use power off button. I told them they have a virus but they don't have a virus checker on (they thought AOL did it all)I tried to sort it for them but to no avail (repower up and pressing F10 repeatedly dosn't work) they have no recovery discs or anything and their helpline for pc was useles.I tried to install a free version of AVG to see if it would find the virus but it wont let me install/uninstall progs (we are on Blueyonder and have pc guard so I cannot use my prog) They have been told to buy a copy of windows XP and install that by their helpline but I didn't think that would reformat their pc and reinstall the correct drivers (the company don't supply discs with the product it's on a partition on the drive but they cannot access it)
Can anyone come up with any suggestions ?? anything to try will be helpfull,
Thanking you in advance Ian

  johnnyrocker 10:22 25 Apr 2006

what happens if you try safe mode (keep pressing F8 on boot up )?


  ozzymodo 10:25 25 Apr 2006

Thanks for your reply johnny but that doesnt work either, Ive tried allsorts of things and apart from putting my fist thru their monitor I am stuck, my next attempt is to try and install any virus checkers i can (that will install and perhaps let me get to the factory settings o reformat for them)I am on line now on my pc looking for progs and updates

  Devil Fish 10:26 25 Apr 2006

try stinger you can run it from a floppy or cd no install required click here

it is not a susbstitute for a full virus scan but does detect some of the nastiest critters known to pc's
if it is a worm this may buy you a bit of space to install a virus scanner

good luck

  namtas 10:29 25 Apr 2006

I am suprised that you can not get into safe mode, what exactly happens when you do F8?

  ozzymodo 11:09 25 Apr 2006

devil fish thanks I will try that link and to namtas on pressing F8 it just starts up as normal windows (same as pressing F10 or just starting as normal)

  daxian 11:22 25 Apr 2006

hi ozzymodo...
can you tell me you have a usb keyboard?

if so its most likely the reason you cant do f8 or f10 ...see if you can borrow a ps2 keyboard .

a usb keyboard is only "seen" by windows and often will not function till windows has booted.
hope this helps ....Dave.

  fleamailman 12:00 25 Apr 2006

To get into safemode

press; windons flag botton and R botton
type; msconfig
mouse over to: boot.ini
tick box: start in safemode

Really in this type of situation there is only two choices: post a hjt log up at a malware forum and follow their advice, which can be very long seeing the ever evolving resistance of malware. Or backup the data and drivers, and reformat the comp. Personally I would go for the later because it makes you think in terms of backups and since a harddrive could die at any moment without cause.

  Terry Brown 12:40 25 Apr 2006

If you really need to re-format the system and you have your microsoft operating CD, do the following.

First -Check the version of windows you are using [xp home-pro-Winme-win 98).

From your computer(I assume is XP)go to a search engine (i.e. Google) and enter 'boot disks', look for the microsoft site and download the correct file. You will need 6 Floppy disks.Run the program and follow the instructions.

Put floppy 1 in your wifes cousin's computer, hen switch on.Follow on screen instructions. Put the Windows CD in the drive.
When you get to a blue screen (Terms)press F8, If the machine does not auto start the CD drive, press ESC to get to advanced mode and follow on screen instruction sfor what you what you want to do.

  ozzymodo 22:02 25 Apr 2006

1st of I would like to say thanks to all who have replied with possible fixes and I will now update you on the situation.
I managed to get safe mode to work,I ran tinger as suggested by devil fish (thanks again) and no message appeared, I also ran a program by Grisoft that does a check called vcleaner.exe (tis scans for more viruses than stinger) that too was clear, I could not (after checking keyboard)get the F10 to work as recomended by my relatives manufacture booklet.
After trying allsorts of other things I found out from one of their children that the other week they downloaded a free screensaver and thts when prob started so one of the kids got a mate to reinstall a copy of windows xp (service pack 1) and this has caused all other probs so I told them I had wasted enough time and to phone their helpline and ask for a system restore disc they have don and are to be charged £50 for it as the windows they puton does not have all correct drivers.
So thank you all for your time and effort and had I known about this in 1st place I could have spent today painting my fence lol
Thanks again people from Ian

  johnnyrocker 00:09 26 Apr 2006

thanks for the update, it is ammazing how many probs are down to kids with a little knowledge who have not "dun anyfink"


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