Cannot record Sound

  Tom-332581 13:19 06 Sep 2007

My System. XP Pro fully patched, MSI 645 mobo with AC97 onboard sound. My problem - tried to record using sndrec32 in Windows and Audacity. Nothing, meter remained flat. Checked all the connections OK. Ran dxdiag no problems, Same in Device Manager everything working correctly. Checked tons of posts re AC97 all bad news . Decided to buy a Creative Audigy SE PCI card. Disabled the onboard via the BIOS. Uninstalled Audacity and VLC as recommended by Creative Audigy worked correctly except still unable to record sound either by Sndrec32 or Audigy. Ran Audigy diagnostics everything OK. Ran dxdiag again no problems checked all the connections everthing in the right place. Checked all the right boxes in the sound applets. Nothing muted or unticked. Checked the headset and mike on my laptop they work perfectly. My head is now kettled. Anybody any idea what the answer to this problem may be.

  howard64 14:36 06 Sep 2007

I had a similar problem just a few weeks back and it came down to uninstalling the sound card driver rebooting and downloading the latest driver. I then put audacity back on and all worked. Good luck.

  Tom-332581 03:12 07 Sep 2007

Thanks Howard64. During my installation of the Creative card I had to do a couple of uninstalls and re-installs of the Audigy drivers which got me to the working state of the sound card. I wonder whether this is a software or a hardware problem. I begin to suspect that this may be a jumper setting on the mobo seeing as both Audigy and Sndrec32 don't work. I can't see why both don't work if its simply a driver issue. Thanks for the heads up anyway. Will continue to investigate. Shifted all my project to the laptop to finalise the avi help files. I'm not happy with this as the laptop is not anywhere as powerful as the desktop.

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  daveh01 13:22 07 Sep 2007

phantom, In your post you mentioned that you had checked all the right boxes in the sound applets, so you may already have done what I'm about to mention:
When you opened the Volume Control applet, did you select Options, Properties and then tick the Recording radio button to display the output controls.
(If you didn't select Options / Properties / Recording, only the Playback / input controls get displayed).

  Dioon 04:53 13 Oct 2007

Most of the problems individuals have with the card is that their recording software cannot access the mixer on the Card so they believe they cannot record. You simply need to run a small sample of your output into the line-in and use the line-in as you recording source!!!

There should be a line-in that your software will detect as the item to record from. To activate this simply buy a loop-back cable from DAK (on the internet) and plug the loop-back into the line-in. Plug the other male post into the line-out and plug your speakers into the stereo female connector socket. It works fine.

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