Cannot receive emails from Australia

  TheGnome 18:24 25 Dec 2006

Everything was OK until 2 weeks ago, when I could suddenly no longer receive emails from Oz. I had got them OK till then,and I still seem to get emails from everywhere else. I've tried AOL help, butthat didn't do anything. They suggested going to SPAM controls etc, even though these settings were the same as they had always been. they also told me to alter some of the settings in IE, but when I tried, I got a message "Stack overflow in line 88". They told me that the problem is a domain gateway issue, whatever that means.
I got my friend in Oz (who is with Yahoo) to send an email to another friend in the UK (who is with gmail)and there was no problem. I have a PC (Win ME) with wireless connection (Netgear DG834G andWG111) to my wife's PC(Win XP SP2)and both machines are affected. We can both get emails from other sources. Does anybody have any ideas, please. I thought of changing my ISP, but have been with them for about 7 years with not too many problems. If I do decide to change, who is the best ISP?
Thanks in anticipation

  VoG II 18:27 25 Dec 2006

If you would like to try a Gmail account send me a message via my yellow envelope and I'll send you an invite.

  TheGnome 18:46 25 Dec 2006

Thanks VoG, I'll bear that kind offer in mind but I'm not yet sure if changing will solve the problem

  VoG II 18:50 25 Dec 2006

Just to clarify, you don't need to change ISPs to use Gmail. It is just an extra e-mail account - I would have thought that it would be worth a go as a workaround.

  TheGnome 18:53 25 Dec 2006

Thank you; what is the cost please?

  VoG II 18:54 25 Dec 2006


  TheGnome 19:01 25 Dec 2006

Sounds great, but please forgive my scepticism - what's in it for VoG? I haven't reached my present great age without learning that very little in life comes free! Thanks again for your interest.

  namtas 19:19 25 Dec 2006

I do not recall seeing your name in the forum so I will assume that you are new, in which case then maybe your last comment will be accepted as ignorance rather than rude. Members give freely of thier advice and help and ask nothing more than respect. Forget your old age wisdom and be prepared to be retrained.
as from today, on here what you see is what it is , their is no hidden agenda.

  jolorna 19:22 25 Dec 2006

TheGnome any body with a gmail account can offer a invite if you accept the invite from VoG™ even you then will be able to offer other's a invite

  p;3 19:27 25 Dec 2006

bookmarking; I have no answer but curious as to why two linked machines are both affected ; and ; just a point; you may like to read this lot about g mail ; interesting reading

click here;

I for one would like to know why two computers are both affected; so hope someone might come up with an answer

  postie24 19:30 25 Dec 2006

(what's in it for VoG?) i think an oppology would be a start

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