Cannot receive e-mail from a normal source

  ex4thhussar 15:27 22 Jun 2006

Hi anybody

An old friend who has sent me e-mails for years has just installed a new PC.
Using my usual e-mail address my friend cannot now reach me although I can send to her with no problem. Other mail reaches me with no problem.
I have a separate YAHOO e-mail address to which she is able to send mail but I would appreciate any answers to my problem.

Many thanks, in advance of a solution


  wee eddie 15:55 22 Jun 2006

that there is an error in her copy of your e-mail address. Maybe a letter out of place or some-such.

I know that this sounds rather basic, but sometimes one can't see the wood for the trees, perhaps suggest that she get a friend to check it for her.

  Fellsider 15:58 22 Jun 2006

Get her to reply to an e-mail that you have sent. This must be the correct e-mail as you have sent it to her.

  bof:) 16:00 22 Jun 2006

does your friend get a 'failed to send/arrive ' message at all?

  ex4thhussar 16:14 22 Jun 2006

Many thanks gents for your prompt messages.
The mystery is that she gets no "unable to deliver" and that she cannot use a straightforward reply to sender.
As "wee eddie" suggested the problem will probably turn out to be at her end and I will have to call and see to the problem there.
As I type, I think that I will phone her and tell her NOT to use the address book but simply key the e-mail address in directly.
My thanks to all of you

  wee eddie 16:17 22 Jun 2006

Tread carefully, folk can be very touchy if they think that they have not noticed an error of their own.

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