Cannot Reboot my Computer

  Manie 12:35 23 May 2003

Since I have updated my Computer with an Ashlon 1800 Motherboard and CPU I cannot reboot and occasionally it will not switch off.
Otherwise everything is working OK.
My OS is Millennium installed in 2001.
Could anybody help me ?

  OneSirKnight 13:18 23 May 2003

double check that your power connections on your motherboard are set correctly.

  xania 13:21 23 May 2003

Whe you say 'cannot reboot' I assume you mean when you're already booted up. The fact that you also have probelms switching off implies to my mind a faulty installation. If you check the M/S web site, you'll find loads of advice on probelms with shut down. I think both your probelsm are associated with this, although some driver conflicts could also cause the problem. To my mind you have 3 choices

* use the guidance from Microsoft and do the detective work
* try to reinstall Windows over-the-top. This can solve quite a few installation and other corruption problems - but not all and (sod's law) never the one you've got (who's a cynic)
* reformat your C:\ drive and reinstall Windows.

If you chose the last option, I strongly recommend that you test for both probelms before you install any add-ons and at every software installation. If you've got a decent partition manager (Partition Magic is brilliant at this), take a copy of your C:\ drive and save it elsewhere on you hard disc as a known good system and then carry on with your full installation. At each stage, once you've completed you testing, you can then overwrite your copy with the current version and then, as soon as one goes wrong, you've found your culprit AND you can quickly go back to trhe latest good version.


  OneSirKnight 13:23 23 May 2003

Which motherboard are you using? ATHLON is the cpu manufacturer

  xania 13:35 23 May 2003

Sorry, my NB got lost.

When you delete the damaged C:\ drive you will lose you active drive. Once you have copied your saved version back, you will need to make your new C:\ drive active.

Also, I have just realised the implications of what you may have done. If you have installed a new motherboard, you MUST reinstall Windows. If you are still using the version running on your old motherboard, think yourself lucky that this is the only problem SO FAR. Be assured, other probelms are just around the corner. Delete your old installation and re-instal - NOW - while you're still in control.

  Manie 16:29 23 May 2003

Sometime it works and somtime it does not.
This is the problem.
About 50/50

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