Cannot put XP/98se onto PC

  Chegs ® 13:40 13 Sep 2005

I have been trying unsuccessfully to install XP Home(SP-1)onto a PC.It stops during the "Copying files..." with the declaration it cannot copy various files,press Enter to retry(still cannot copy)Esc to skip(BSOD after skipping with PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA,which would indicate a RAM fault)I tried a slipstreamed XP Home(SP-2)disc,it to cannot find different files.

As XP refuses to load,I tried my 98se CD.This loaded fine,but then developed a registry problem,and rebooting after 98 had fixed the prob,produced the registry fixing screen,restart,fix reg,restart,round and round in this loop.I then formatted the partition,and now 98se insists I have interupted the copying of setup,and refuses to complete.I am very tired,as I have been struggling with these problems for the last few days from morning until the early hours of the next day,and as quickly as I sort a problem at one point during the install routines,another fault occurs a few seconds later.

Epox EP-8KTA3PRO mobo

Athlon 1.33Ghz CPU

768Mbs PC133 RAM(512Mbs for 98se)

D-Link 530TX NIC

Geforce II MX64 Graphics

Maxtor 15Gb IDE HD.

  Skills 13:47 13 Sep 2005

I take it you know both copys of the OS are sound.

In which case I'd checked the hard drive for bad sectors boot with a 98 boot disk and run scandisk and check the surface of the drive.

  seedie 13:48 13 Sep 2005

I've had a CDROM drive with a dirty laser do something like this; have you a cleaning disk you can try. A bad clamp on the ribbon cable could give you problems too and said cable not pushed home properly.

Good luck


  Chegs ® 14:07 13 Sep 2005

Its definitely not an iffy CD,I have several slipstremed XP CD's,and each reports an error copying different files.They have all been used recently to repair/reinstall on different PC's,its just this Epox PC thats being a bitch.

The CD-ROM is also discounted from being to blame,as I have tried several different optical drives.My DVD-RW was disconnected from my PC,and installed into this problem PC,and it too returned the "Unable to copy *** files"

  Klof Ron 14:12 13 Sep 2005

Boot from a Win98 boot floppy, Go to FDisk, remove all primary/extended patitions and logical drives if any, restart and boot from the xp cd, this should allow XP to install and create the NTFS,

  Chegs ® 14:15 13 Sep 2005

The HD in it is also known good,although the reason for the reinstall was originally because one of the HD's died.I have had two HD failures recently,an IBM Deskstar,and a Samsung.

  woodchip 14:21 13 Sep 2005

If I was you I would clear the Partitions and Start again. Not just Format. Ether use Fdisk or Killdisk

  Fingees 14:22 13 Sep 2005

I take it you are booting from the XP CD and formating from that prior to the installation.

This should check for bad sectors on drive and therefore should be OK.

All the best

  Chegs ® 14:42 13 Sep 2005

I used XP CD to clear the 7Gb partition,the drive is now being seen as the full 15Gb.I then used the 98se CD to run DOS tools(scandisk,which came back clear)I switched it off and allowed the PC to cool right down,then attempted to run 98se setup.This is the full message...

File Copying Problem

You interrupted Setup while it was copying Windows files from a Setup[.CAB]file.

Clicking details button shows...

The following error occurred'Setup interrupted' [Error#65]

Setup could not finish copying a file

Source file 'E:\WIN98\Winrep.exe

Destination file C:\Windows\Winrep.exe = Winrep.exe

  Chegs ® 15:41 13 Sep 2005

In desperation,I stripped it back to bare essentials,one HD,one stick RAM,floppy,etc and reran setup of XP Home.Surprise,surprise,it loaded without incident.Put a second stick of RAM in and it still worked,so put the 3rd in and instantly got a BSOD.Removed the 3rd stick and the PC runs sweet as a nut,I'm using it to post this.Then reinstalled 2nd HD,and the PC locks at disk verifying free space 0% done.So,looks like a combo of iffy RAM + failing HD(as this drive has been running fine when I've attached it to my PC for file storage)So,will tick this thread as resolved and thanks for the suggestions.

  wee eddie 15:45 13 Sep 2005

The CD/DVD Player then.

Your recent comment:

"Its definitely not an iffy CD,I have several slipstremed XP Cd's,and each reports an error copying different files.They have all been used recently to repair/reinstall on different PC's,its just this Epox PC thats being a bitch. "

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