Cannot power up PC (works for 1 second)

  FLT 09:41 05 Jan 2005


I inadvertently pressed the Sleep button on my keyboard yesterday and the PC powered down.

Now, when I switch it on, the fans/lights start for one second, then it powers down for 3 seconds and then the whole process repeats itself ad infinitum.

Have tried removing all peripherals, new power cable etc.

Anyone any ideas?

  Michendi 10:04 05 Jan 2005

The "Sleep Button" may be making continuous or intermittant contact. This can be caused by a dirty contact point, especially if you have not used the button for some time.

1. Switch the PC Off.

2. Gently remove the Sleep button by prising it slowly out of its holder. Blow any dust away from the contact area. (NOTE : If you put a thin tissue in front of your mouth before blowing it will prevent moisture from getting on the contacts).

3. Use a magnifying glass to see if the contacts are still dirty. If they are then use a cotton bud and white spirits to clean the contacts. (NOTE : If you don't have white spirits then use a few drops of an alcholic drink with a high alchohol content such as whiskey or vodka)

4. Reassemble the switch and switch on.... hopefully it will now stay on :-)

  Sethhaniel 13:18 05 Jan 2005

select last good configuration ??? ;)

  Lightchop 14:16 05 Jan 2005

You could try disconnecting the power supply, then carefully removing the CMOS battery from the motherboard - wait 15 minutes, then refit. Thats assuming the sleep function is contained within the bios.

  FLT 19:18 05 Jan 2005

Thanks for the replies.

I had to take it down a local repair shop in the end; they took the memory modules/Hdrives out and put it back together. It all works OK now but they can't figure out why!

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