Cannot play DVD's

  K_H 17:02 13 Apr 2003

Hello, i was wandering if any one could help me on the problem that every time i try to play a DVD on the software that my new DVD drive automatically installed, has an error saying: "try using a lower resolution" but it is on the lowest resolution, because i only have a 15" monitor anyway. My resolution is 800 by 600 pixels.

Thank you in advance


  Lú-tzé 19:07 13 Apr 2003

This is often a symptom of too little RAM in the machine and / or the graphics card not being up to the job.

What speed is your PC, how much RAM, what operating system, what graphics?

  K_H 23:55 14 Apr 2003

My PC is 1Gh and it has 256mb of ram, Windows XP Proffesional, and and intel graphics card.



  K.H 13:31 22 Nov 2003


  K.H 13:38 22 Nov 2003

Any suggestions please?

  DieSse 15:51 22 Nov 2003

Make sure you have the latest graphics card drivers (what card is it?).

Try a lower resolution, as it says (640x480).

  K.H 16:35 22 Nov 2003

the lowest resolution is 800x600, and ive got an intel graphics card.


  Stuartli 17:39 22 Nov 2003

I only have a 400MHz Celeron, 256MB of RAM and a 32MB GeForce 2 400MX and I play DVDs quite happily using PowerDVD 5 or Windows Media Player 9.

Scrap your drive's software and try another DVD program.

  K.H 21:30 22 Nov 2003

ive tried it in media player 9, but the same thing - lower resolution error. i really need help on this people



  cycoze 21:42 22 Nov 2003

You say you have an Intel graphics card , can you check for more info , it may be the card is not up to the task of playing DVD`s.

Click on the Start button and then on `run` , type in dxdiag and hit the `enter` key , when the DX box comes up click on Display , you will now see details of your card and how much memory it has etc.

  K.H 21:51 22 Nov 2003

intel(r) 82815 graphics controller
approx total memory = 4.0mb

i see the problem, my card is suppposed to be a 64mb card but i havent updated the driver beacuse i recently formatted my drive

thanks alot


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