cannot open pictures from cdrw

  a member 14:06 28 Jun 2003

just tried to open some pictures from a cdrw disc and failed miserably. they are all bmp format other files from the same disc are ok. only the pictures wont open .
i have tried several programs but none work , i get various reasons eg, file format not supported , or file no longer available or corrupt.etc.
all were recorded via easy cd creator.
to be honest i do not use cd recording software very often so my knowledge in this area is limited.
can anyone help please , or does anyone know of any software for recovering files from cds etc.
thanks in advance ,

  MichelleC 14:55 28 Jun 2003

Easycd has the option when burning to only open in that prog or all progs, so check if that's the case.

  Pidder 16:26 28 Jun 2003

Does nobody use Ulead PhotoExpress? This will open Bitmaps on the HD, haven't tried the CD ROM player but probably will work.

  dazzling (work) 17:34 28 Jun 2003

were all the pictures recorded at the same time? i have had loads of trouble with cdrw disc becoming corrupt may have been a bad batch but they are not suitable for long term storage.i would use cdr and not finalise the disc then you can add more later.easy cd has an option to try and recover files it might be worth a try good luck darren

  Confab 18:06 28 Jun 2003

There are quite a few photo recovery progs available. If you do a quick Google search you'll find loads.

CDRW are renowned for being very unreliable and prone to data loss and errors. If you want to save your pics use a CDR. If you must use a CDRW then burn them at the lowest possible speed and see if there is an option to verify the written date as there is in NERO. Only delete the info from your hard drive once you are sure that the CD has burnt OK

  keith-236785 19:57 28 Jun 2003

you should be able to open them directly from the cd, but if not.... try copying them back to your hard drive, right click on them and choose properties, untick "read only"...... then you should be able to view them.

when you saved them, did you compress them (zip), if you did then you will have to unzip them before you can view them.

hope this helps, if not you could try a search for "vueprint" click here picture viewer, it recognises most picture formats.

  a member 21:02 28 Jun 2003

thanks everyone for all the advice, have tried everything, but i am afraid that the files are corrupted, my fault for trusting cdrw over cdr.
normally i would use a good quality cdr and at a low speed, but at the time i was in a hurry.
the only time i ever use the cd writer is for photo,s. can anyone recomend a easy to use software for this as i find that roxio and nero are overcomplicated for what i want.

  Confab 23:24 28 Jun 2003

One thing I have tried, and for some strange reason it worked, is to try the CD on another PC with just a cd rom drive. I remember a few months ago that I had a big problem with a corrupt CDRW. I had put my CV on it and try a I might I couldn't even get the CDRW to be recognised on my PC. It just so happened that my sister had bought her PC to my house to be fixed and I put the CDRW into her CDROM drive and it read the CD with no problems at all. Its worth a try!!


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