Cannot open PDF document

  Billawa 13:35 01 Dec 2006

I send out a PDF formatted newsletter on a mass mailing via e-mail. One of the recipients suddenly cannot open the document. They have checked the Microsoft firewall is off (classes PDF documents as liable to corrupt the computer!) and have Adobe Reader 7 installed. Up to now no problems reported with earlier mailings and I have not used anything different in converting the original Word document. I am told that there have been no alterations to their computer set up for some time.

Would a virus cause this or is there something else that I am missing in the problem? Any thoughts gratefully received.

  Totally-braindead 13:42 01 Dec 2006

If its just one person that cannot open it then obviously the problem is on their end.
What I would suggest initially is to send it to them again and see if it works the second time if not then ask them to delete and reinstall Abobe and see what that does.
If everyone else gets it fine and only one person doesn't then the problem has to be their computer and not anything you have done.

  Simsy 14:27 01 Dec 2006

many pdf problems after upgrading to Internet Explorer 7. Invariably a reinstall of Acrobat reader cures the problem.

I'd find out if they have upgraded to IE7, and if they have suggest a reinstall of Acrobat reader.

Good luck,



  Billawa 17:47 02 Dec 2006

Totally braindead/Simsy
Thanks for your suggestions which my friend is following up

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