Cannot Open my Email Programs

  Petersirish 10:43 26 Jan 2009

HI All

I need your expert help

Over the last few days I have found my system to be under attack I think?
I cannot open my Outlook 2007 as it tells me I need IE 4 or later version on my PC (which I have I may add)
I can open my INcredimail Program and receive emails, but canot view them and get the message IMviewU.dll is not working

I cannot open my Quickbooks Accounts Program and get the same message as the Outlook one i.e You need IE version 4 or better etc..

I have tried bringing back the system to when it worked perfectly, but alas no luck.

I have uninstalled my quickbooks and reinstalled it, but same problem.

Now for the funny bit. I have purchased 3 Antivirus programs to try and sort this problem but alas no joy.

SO I assume I have a virus but cannot find it.

Any ideas guys as I use my email accounts and quickbooks to run my pc, and now I cannot do so.

  anskyber 11:05 26 Jan 2009

Which AV programs did you buy? Did you run more than one at the same time?

  Petersirish 17:34 26 Jan 2009

Hi Anskyber

I purchased the following software in the last 3 days to fix my problem

and all to no avail.

I ran the Malwarebytes software last (when I closed down all other software running in the background) and it found 241 problems and I cleaned them out of the system and still no joy.

I have taken screenshots of the problems if you wish to see them

Anyone any ideas as I am seriously in need of the software I was using and will be out of business in the next few days as I am getting orders in my emails but cannot open Outlook 2007 or Incredimail. And also cannot open my Quickbooks

  Petersirish 00:23 27 Jan 2009

is there no one out there who can help me?

  birdface 00:56 27 Jan 2009

So far I cannot see any anti-virus programs except maybe Spyware Doctor I think that maybe has anti-virus with it. probably no help.C Cleaner would have done the same job and it is free.What other security programs have you got on your computer including your Firewall.Maybe update and then run Malwarebytes in safe mode.But not looking great at the moment I don't know if a system repair would help or whether it would bring back the problems that you have.
I would think your best bet would be to go to the malware removal here

  birdface 00:59 27 Jan 2009

Maybe have a look at this.
click here
Lots of freebies on there that will help.

  lotvic 01:07 27 Jan 2009

Is it XP or Vista?

RegCure seems to cause more problems than it solves and is regarded as a 'scam' by most click here

  Technotiger 09:09 27 Jan 2009

Download and Install the latest upgrade version of Incredimail.

  Technotiger 09:30 27 Jan 2009

If the latest version does not fix the problem with Incredimail ... IMviewU.dll should in fact be IMViewRU.dll, Case sensitive!

Do a Search for the incorrect IMviewU.dll and if found, delete it from within the Search window.

Do a full re-start of your PC after any changes.

As a matter of interest, it should not be necessary to pay for Anti-virus etc, plenty of very good Free stuff out there.

  Technotiger 09:43 27 Jan 2009

Ooops, sorry - slight amendment to my earlier post ... instead of IMViewRU.dll - I should have put IMViewU.dll case sensitive.

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