mick wilding 15:38 22 Dec 2006

I am trying to free up space on my HDD by removing a few programs that I no longer use.

However, two that I have tried to remove, ALPHA FIVE & CLICK N' DESIGN FOR AFTERBURNER both come up with the error Wise Uninstall .. could not open INSTALL.LOG file"

I have tried using both the Windows XP Add & Remove Programmes & their own uninstall shortcuts but both throw up this error.

I really need to remove both of these. Does anyone have any ideas please.

  brundle 15:59 22 Dec 2006

What usually works is to use the command line.
Grab a small program to open a command prompt in the correct directory;
click here

Using explorer, navigate to the Alpha Five folder in Program Files, right click and select "Open MSDOS prompt".

Use the dir command to see what files are in the folder - if you see install.log and Unwise.exe or Uninstall.exe use

Unwise.exe install.log
<press return>

Uninstall.exe install.log
<press return>


The folders may not be deleted because your command prompt is `using` the path, but the uninstall should proceed normally. You can delete the empty folders next time you reboot.

  brundle 16:00 22 Dec 2006

Do the same as above for "CLICK N' DESIGN FOR AFTERBURNER" of course

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