Cannot open Click here's PCA'

  birdface 15:51 18 Feb 2011

Hi I cannot open any click here's on this site either using Firefox or I/E8.
They are all being redirected with PCA's and will not open.
They have been working Ok up till now.
Emisoft.AVg and Windows firewall.

  rawprawn 15:55 18 Feb 2011
  rawprawn 15:57 18 Feb 2011

Sorry you can't open the link. It's the Host File.
Open it using Notepad go to Edit Find and type then delete it. and reboot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 18 Feb 2011

I suggest you do a scan for malware.

  birdface 16:30 18 Feb 2011

Hi rawprawn had a quick look at the host file which is the same as yours but could not find it.
I have a visitor in so will check again a little later.
Fruit Bat /\0/\
I have scanned using my security programs and nothing was found.
I think rawprawn has found the problem but a very large file to look through and will continue a little later.
Thanks both for the imput I will be back later to tell you how I got on.

  rawprawn 16:53 18 Feb 2011

If you click on Edit in Notepad then Find, it will find it for you instantly. There was only one entry in my Host file

  birdface 18:20 18 Feb 2011

Ok rawprawn that seemed to do the trick.
I changed it on Notebook and it did not make any difference so went into Winpatrol and changed it in there as well and it seems to be working Ok now.
Many thanks for the information especially the last bit as that saved lots of time.

  rawprawn 18:40 18 Feb 2011

Glad you are sorted, starngely my WinPatrol Pro says it cannot find Hosts File on my computer.
Have a nice weekend.

  birdface 11:01 27 Feb 2011

Just downloaded the latest host file and the same problem.
I had to check back on here for how to remove it again.
Just removed it from Winpatrol and all back to normal again.
Just thought I should warn you in case you get the same problem.

  ACOLYTE 14:10 27 Feb 2011

Im not having this problem,but out of interest why is PCA using a redirecting website,just a bloated way to send you somwhere you dont wont to go and get popups you dont want.If its blocked by the hostfile it cant be a good thing to have happen.

  Miké 14:56 27 Feb 2011

click here will automatically manage your hosts file, it will download updates and you can set URLs that will not be added to the Hosts file.

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