Cannot open CD RW drive tray

  Sapins 11:25 19 Mar 2004

The tray on my CD RW drive will not open, it started to stick a couple of days ago and I could get it to open by lightly pushing the tray as I pressed the button, now it is stuck fast, I have tried right clicking on the drive in my computer and selecting Eject but that will not work either. Is there any other way I can open the tray? The warranty period has elapsed wouldn't you know;-(



  Big Elf 11:34 19 Mar 2004

Get a paper clip and straighten it out then push it gently into the little hole underneath the drive tray.

  woodchip 11:42 19 Mar 2004

will it open when starting the computer

  SANTOS7 11:46 19 Mar 2004

Hi Sapins most disc drawers work on a type of rack and pinnion system to open/close and they do tend to wear out i had the same problem but considering what you can buy a new one for it may be the only option left open to you sorry its not a repair solution but sometimes replacement is the only answer

  Sapins 12:49 19 Mar 2004

Big Elf, tried this no luck.

woodchip, no go there either.

SANTOS7, I'll be surprised if it has worn out, I only use it occasionally and I bought it in April 2002, if I have to replace it I will probably go for a DVRW.

I have now tried a thin bladed knife to help ease it open, that did not work either. I have had the drive out of the tower, there does appear to be a way of opening it up by unscrewing several small Philip's screws, I may try this if all else fails, but as a last resort.

All your help is greatly appreciated, I will post back if I get it open, you might hear the bang if it comes down to dynamite :-((



  Stuartli 13:43 19 Mar 2004

You should have had a wire type opener supplied orignally for use with the very small hole to open the drive if it jams or won't open.

The paper clip, as suggested, is an alternative but is sometimes too thick for the hole.

The main thing is to switch your system off BEFORE attempting to open it this way (for obvious reasons!)

Have you checked that the power supply is still connected properly?

  Sapins 14:00 19 Mar 2004

Hi Stuartli, I never got the wire type opener with the drive,the paper clip goes in ok, at least it looks like it goes in far enough and I did this with the power switched off. I have had the drive out and made sure the power supply and the ribbon connections were firmly in place. When I press the button to open it the tray moves forward about a millimetre and then after a few seconds the light flashes and the tray moves back in a fraction.

Is there any point in opening up the drive via the Philip's screws?

  Sapins 17:14 19 Mar 2004


  wee eddie 17:29 19 Mar 2004

A similar problem happened to me a couple of years back.

If you allow the tray to come out and look under it and inward. The nylon gear wheels that do the business are sometimes visible. One of the gears on mine had moved upward and out of the train.

Downward pressure with the tip of an X-Acto knife, I had no screwdriver small enough, slotted it back into the gear train and normal service was resumed.

  GaT7 18:00 19 Mar 2004

Have you tried using the 'Eject' in Windows - Right-click the drive letter -> Eject. Or you can also try the Eject function/button that came with your CD-writing software.

It may also help to use a different IDE cable as a damaged one can cause the problem you're having.

  Sapins 20:38 19 Mar 2004

Hi wee eddie and Crossbow7. I can't "allow the tray to come out" it is stuck closed. I have tried "eject" and that is no use. I am sure the IDE cable is ok, the drive has been working normally until very recently and I have not touched the cable, also the CD Rom drive is connected to it as well.

I may have to take the drive out and try to open it with a thin bladed knife. I'll have a go at this tomorrow and let you know how I get on, I may be asking the best place to buy a new drive!!

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