Cannot open attachment email!!

  spuds 15:34 03 Sep 2006

I have just received an email with an attachment. Trying to open the attachment leads to an error message, asking what program formed the attachment.

The computer then tried the internet and Microsoft came up with Corel Wordperfect!.

The email attachment was a letter from my bank. I have never had this problem before, in not being able to open attachments.

Any ideas or solutions to this problem, so that I can obtain a copy of the attachment.

  User-312386 15:40 03 Sep 2006

e-mail from your bank? I think not. It sounds like a little nasty virus to me

  STREETWORK 15:41 03 Sep 2006

Banks do not email, leave it and contact your Bank

  jakimo 15:49 03 Sep 2006

If your bank has your email details then it could be them,my bank regularly emails me.You should phone your bank helpline for assistance and confirmation that they have emailed you

  wee eddie 15:53 03 Sep 2006

Banks do not send such things.

Give up all attempts to open it. Scan it with your AV. Contact the bank on monday.

  jakimo 16:04 03 Sep 2006

Your wrong about banks not sending emails with attachments,I have 2 banks sending me such emails every month.

  Gongoozler 16:12 03 Sep 2006

What is the file extension of the attachment?

  spuds 17:38 03 Sep 2006

Thanks for the concern everyone, but the email is genuine, and from my bank. This was in response to an on-line query that I left for them yesterday.

Gongoozler-- ATT1.dat ?

  VoG II 17:41 03 Sep 2006

click here

Try opening it in Notepad.

  STREETWORK 18:17 03 Sep 2006

Looks like a data file and should open with excel or MS works.

  Gongoozler 21:25 03 Sep 2006

A file with a .dat extension can refer to any kind of data. It's just possible that Notepad or Wordpad can make sense of it, but it's more likely to be a series of meaningless characters that can only be interpreted by the program that generated it. I can't believe that a bank would send such a file to a customer. The email may be a genuine error on the part of your bank. I think the best thing you can do is to check with your bank whether this is a genuine email and if so, what you should do with the attachment.

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