Cannot network Win95 with WinXP home

  JAS100 16:35 11 Apr 2003

I am trying to network my old Win95 computer with my Win XP (Home) computer. I have connected the two network cards with a crossover cable. I have run the Network Wizard on the XP machine and it recognises itself in it's workgroup. I could not use the setup disk utility in XP to transfer the settings to the 95 machine as apparently this facility was not available in win 95 so I have tried to set it up manually. I have managed to get the Win95 machine to recognise itself in the same workgroup. Neither machine can find the other machine in the workgroup. I suspect that a different protocol is being used by each machine but am unable to find the protocol being used on the XP machine.

Is this the likely cause of the problem & how do I resolve it?

  A15 16:40 11 Apr 2003

I am sure somebody in here will correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that Win XP uses the TCP/IP protocol whilst Win 95 uses the IPX/SPX protocol. Why not try adding the IPX/SPX protocol on your Win XP machine & see if it helps, I do not think it can hurt anything & you can always remove if it does not help. Other than that can only think to mention the obvious such as ensuring that your files are shared & that both machines are using the same networking passwords.

  Gaz W 17:43 11 Apr 2003

Windows 95 includes TCP/IP - just try installing it using the Windows 95 CD.

  JAS100 17:43 11 Apr 2003

Thanks for your reply. I have set up the TCP/IP protocol on the Win95. I then set the IP address to and the Subnet mask to The IP address on the Xp is Until I did this I still had nothing.
Now the Win95 PC appears in the workgroup of the XP PC, but when I click on it I am told I cannot have access to it tho I have enabled print & file sharing on the Win95. The Xp still does not appear in the workgroup of the Win95 PC..Any more ideas?

  A15 19:35 11 Apr 2003

Are you using a firewall on either machine? If so you will need to add the IP address of both machines into your firewall's allowed or trusted area or just configure it to accept that range of IP address.

Are both machines using the same login password? I had to set up my 2000 & XP network to both use the same login passwords before they could both 'see' each other. Also do not forget it may take a few minutes for the machines to 'see' each other.

  JAS100 19:21 12 Apr 2003

Thanks everyone who replied. It was the firewall. Nice to know it works!!

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