Cannot Login To Windows XP

  ejacka 05:03 25 Feb 2007

I installed Windows XP, without setting a login password. For a while I could boot into Windows without having to login, then out of the blue, the login splash screen appeared & I had to click on the Admin icon to login, also when coming out of screensaver mode I had to login again. I right clicked MyComputer, went into Admin & disabled the Administrator login, I no longer had to login from screensaver so assumed everything was OK. Now when I boot-up the PC (even in safe mode), I cannot login to Windows because the Administrator login icon is no longer there. How can I get back in? I don't want to repair install as I have no way to back up data. I got to the Recovery Console on Win XP installation CD. Which command gets me back to Windows desktop? I am writing this message from a Linux live CD.

  SLAYER 05:33 25 Feb 2007

Try this.
click here

A repair install should'nt affect your data.

Somthing else to look at.
click here

click here

  ejacka 05:59 25 Feb 2007

Yes I know it shouldn't but bad things happen & I don't want to risk screwing up & losing my data. I had a look at the command definitions & you need to know how to use them ie. Registry editing.

  SLAYER 06:14 25 Feb 2007

You could remove your hdd,slave it to another pc and copy your data across,then reinstall windows and copy it back.

For future reference. Backup! backup! backup! your data.

  moorie- 06:28 25 Feb 2007

fr info

  moorie- 06:29 25 Feb 2007

soory meant click here

  moorie- 08:09 25 Feb 2007

click here
you need your xp cd and licence key

  ejacka 23:25 25 Feb 2007

Following advice from forum, I typed Ctrl+Alt+Del twice at the Welcome screen, to get an NT style login box with Administrator in the user field. I didn't set a password during installation so I don't have one. I tried leaving the fields blank but that didn't work, all I need now is a password.

  bennyhillslovechild 23:42 25 Feb 2007

ejacka - seems you were on the right track with the ctrl-alt-delete thing, you may have to do it, restart and do it again - full details a couple of posts down on this here

  bennyhillslovechild 23:44 25 Feb 2007

sorry, I missed out do it again when starting as "safe mode with command prompt"

  ejacka 06:55 16 Mar 2007

System got so screwed, I gave up & re-installed Windows from scratch.

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