Cannot locate the CD-ROM

  chrismuir 22:46 24 Oct 2004


Keep getting this error message. When I am trying to install or run games, and the required CD is in the d drive. Am confused what to do - any ideas?

I have XP SP2. My set up is a DVD RW on 'D' and a CD-R om 'E'.


  THE TERMINATOR 23:15 24 Oct 2004

Do you get the error message on both drives? Have you tried to insert an audio cd to see if you get the same response?

  chrismuir 23:36 24 Oct 2004

Yep. Get the message on both drives. It seems that I can install games OK, but when it comes to playing them the CD may be in the drive, but it is not recognised. Odd!!

Music CD was ok. These are all original game CD's, so am a bit frustrated.

  chrismuir 07:59 25 Oct 2004

Have loaded some more games and have had limited success.

Am ok playing the Sims and Lock On, which require a CD to play. But when I loaded Doom 3, IL-2 Forgotten Battle or FS2004 - they all installed ok but when I tried to play them the programs crashed at the point where they look for the correct CD in the drive (i used both D & E drives to check).

The message I get is 'Cannot locate the CD-ROM - please insert CD-ROM 2, select ok and restart application'

What exactly are the games looking for from the CD's, and how can it work for some but not for others..?

  Cuddles 10:09 25 Oct 2004

Go into device manager and remove both drives, when you reboot they will be picked up again and generic drivers will be installed, this may cure the problem.

  chrismuir 13:04 25 Oct 2004

OK, will try that later and let you know.

My PC is pretty new, I have Windows XP with SP2. My set up is a NEC DVD RW on 'D' and a Sony CD-RW on 'E'. Out of curiousity, I installed all the games from the 'D' drive (the DVD), would it have made any difference if I had installed using the 'E' drive (the CD)?? I know, slightly tenous, but I am clutching at straws here!!

  Cuddles 18:42 25 Oct 2004

How have you got your drives set up, your harddrive should be on primary ide set as master with one of your other drives set as slave and the other drive set as master on secondary ide.

  chrismuir 19:14 25 Oct 2004


Tried uninstalling both drives. No joy!

I have my drives set up as follows:
C - SATA 160Gb - Bus Number 1, Target ID 0, LUN 0
D - DVD-RW - Location 0 (Secondary ATA Channel)
E - CD-RW - Location 1 (Secondary ATA Channel)
F - IDE HDD - Location 0 (Primary ATA Channel)

Tried disconnecting the CD-RW drive to make sure it wasn't an error in that. Also uninstalled one of the games and re-installed using the CD-RW - no change.

  Dorsai 19:55 25 Oct 2004

Try just putting in the CD, and let it autorun. One it has started, it may well offer the option to 'play' the game.

If it does offer this option, will it then 'find' the installed game and run OK?

If so, it may be a 'fudge' but if it works...

IF not, it may be that the game failed to install correctly in the first place...

I am making no acusations, but if the CD is a copy, it may be that the game is looking for 'hidden' or 'secret' info on the disk. A copy disk will probably lack this data. a copy will have all the files needed to install the game, but may well lack the 'this is an original disk' part that the game is looking for.

  Cuddles 20:13 25 Oct 2004

Have you got both of your hard drives on one cable and both of your cd/dvd drives on the other, if you have they need splitting, one hd and one cd per cable, one master and one slave, hard drives as masters.

  chrismuir 20:19 25 Oct 2004

I tried letting the CD autorun, and then selecting play - same result.

They are all original games CD's....or I need to speak to GAME to get my money back!! :-]

The main HDD is a SATA not an IDE. It is currently set up as:
SATA - main HDD
IDE0 - secondary HDD as a master
IDE1 - DVD as master, CD as slave
I will try putting the CD drive as a slave to the secondary HDD rather than on the same IDE cable as the DVD.

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