Cannot Load Magazine Cover CD??

  FCD 13:10 11 Dec 2004

My system refuses to load a new “cover” cd [not PC Advisor] – after much hard drive action, I see error messages that the logo and other bitmaps could not be loaded. Even in Windows Explorer or other explorer programmes, I cannot interrogate the cd properly. However, I found that the cd would load properly on a friends system [which has the same Win XP with SP1 OS as I have]. I have no problem loading any other cd – cover or otherwise.

On investigation, the problem is with the 4 “.sys” files on the cd which appear to provide the background bitmaps – my system adamantly refuses to load these files and invariably gives the error message.

I can find nothing in my windows set up that is different from that of the other computer which loads the cd correctly and would be very grateful for any clues as to where I should look.

Many thanks

  Dorsai 13:28 11 Dec 2004

It could be down to your CD, and your CD player just not getting on with each other. If the CD is a bit on the 'poor quality' side, and your CD reader is a bit fussy about 'poor quality' disks, it may just refuse to read the CD, whearas your friends cd reader is less fussy, and more able to cope with a slightly iffy disk.

Or maybe your reader needs the lence cleaning with a cd lense cleaing disk.

You say there are no problems with other disks, so this is all that currently comes ot mind.

  €dstowe 13:33 11 Dec 2004

Perhaps it's trying to tell you something. Personally, I never use cover discs and judging by the number that get thrown in the magazine inserts waste bin at my local Tesco, a lot of other people are of the same mind.

One magazine cover disc I loaded some years ago resulted in me having to re-install the whole of my operating system and programs. Never again. Even though I had full backups, I do not need the hassle of doing this for something that's most likely of limited usefulness or value.

  FCD 14:33 11 Dec 2004

Many thanks

£dstowe - agree but its interesting to see what is available and I have had one or too worthwhile trials of these cd.

As to my current problem - I have a CDRW and separate DVD drive and putting this cd in either gives the same response. This seems to suggest a windows problem rather than a hardware mismatch with the cd drive????

  ACOLYTE 14:36 11 Dec 2004

Have you set the option to allow active content from cd's to run in IE options,just a thought.

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