Cannot launch IE

  moso 23:34 31 Jan 2009

My Internet Explorer won't launch - nothing happens when I click on the launch icon. I've also noted at the same time that my computer is playing up [suddenly freezing and then releasing after a few seconds]. I've scanned with Malwarebytes, Ad-Aware, and McAfee virus scan and all is apparently clear.

I use Windows XP Profession [SP3]and I've not had this trouble before. I'm sending this from another computer from which I've visited other Help Sites and note that this problem is not uncommon. This may sound daft but the various suggestions for solving the problem [which I have not explored] involve downloading material. How can this be done if I can't open IE to get to the Internet?

I would be very grateful for help in getting my IE working again.


  brundle 23:40 31 Jan 2009

ie7 step by step troubleshooting
click here
click here

  birdface 12:14 01 Feb 2009

Maybe download Firefox and run that until you get I.E fixed.

  moso 14:03 01 Feb 2009

I read the Microsoft advice [thanks Brundle] but my problem was not quite the same as the examples given. I cannot launch IE. However, I disabled all Add-Ons using the Microsoft link which got me on to the Internet. I then rebooted and sadly the problem was still there - I couldn't open IE.

In fact I now have another problem. All links sent to me by e-mail fail to open; and websites that I've stored in different files won't open. I get the Microsoft error message that the file is not recognised.

I'm now in a mess because not only can't I open IE but I can't use a link to get me to the Internet. Therefore I can't download Firefox which is what Buteman suggested I might do. I'm sending this from another computer.

Is it time for me to give up and buy another computer or do you feel the problem is potentially resolvable?


  brundle 14:08 01 Feb 2009

Download Firefox on the machine you're using now? The installer is only 6mb or so, burn to CD or put on a flash drive for installation on the problem PC.

Run SFC; click here

  birdface 14:20 01 Feb 2009

Maybe run your security programs in safe mode and maybe a system restore while in there.

  moso 19:04 01 Feb 2009

Things are looking up! I managed to download Firefox transferring it on a flash drive. I can now access the Web using Firefox. I still can't open links in my Outlook Express mail but I'm not too bothered about this as I can copy and paste to the Firefox address bar.

Brundle - thanks for the very helpful SFC document. I haven't had the courage to use it yet as I wanted to first get myself familiar with Firefox.

Buteman - I did follow your suggestion and try a system restore in safe mode. Curiously it didn't succeed. I got as far as the page that said "collecting information before automatic restart" and nothing happened - my computer remained silent. I repeated this a few times [even in ordinary mode] and again nothing happened. Possibly there's a corrupt system somewhere.

I would like to keep this thread open for a few days as I will probably run SFC in the next few days.

Thanks for your help.


  birdface 19:24 01 Feb 2009

Just wondered if you download and run Thunderbird and make it your default e-mail provider maybe your outlook express mail may then get delivered to Thunderbird.

  brundle 21:22 01 Feb 2009

"I still can't open links in my Outlook Express mail" - that's related to your browser issues, installing another email client won't make any difference.

SFC can't do any harm, you're just prolonging the aggravation by holding off.

  brundle 21:26 01 Feb 2009

Allow Firefox to take over as your default browser, links and OE will open Firefox insted of IE.

IE6 or IE7?

Is the computer still freezing ?

  birdface 21:41 01 Feb 2009

Totally agree with you.Mind you I have never been able to run sfc and less chance now that my DVD Drive does not work.Just spent about an hour trying different methods but have gave up again I can see why folk who have never used this method might be a bit wary of using it.But if he wants his computer working properly I think it is his only choice.

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