Cannot install Sagem 800 modem from Tiscali

  Mike 17:14 21 May 2005

Hi I don't know if any one can give some suggestions.
I installed the above modem on my home computer about a month ago,and all was fine.A few days ago the broadband connection stopped working. I have tried every thing, swapped modem and cables with my work set up and they all seem to work fine. I have now done a complete re-install of XP pro after formating the hard drive (as it needed it anyway) but when I install the software for the modem a "MAKEDUN HAS CAUSED AN ERROR IN MAKEDUN.EXE" message appears and also a message says the USB devise cannot be found. Every thing has been conected correctly as before when it was working. I was wondering if there was a fault with the USB connection, but it reconises my camera and down loads photos.
I'm really stumped, has anyone any ideas.
Thanks, Mike

  Stuartli 18:57 21 May 2005

If you go to the Sagem website and download the latest driver for the Sagem 800 modem you can then run it from setup.exe.

This will first uninstall the drivers already (or presumably are still) on your system. You then run setup.exe again and, from the menu which appears, select the line "PPPoA vcmux 0,38". Continue.

The driver will now be installed. Reboot, reconnect your modem and Windows will find New Hardware; allow about half-a-minute for the modem to initialise and you should be back in action.

It is important to select the correct line from the menu; also check that 0,38 is listed as your telephone number in the Tiscali Broadband Connection configuration.

  Stuartli 10:55 22 May 2005

I should have pointed out (although no doubt you realised) that you would have to download the Sagem drivers from another system and transfer them to your home setup...:-)

I've had this modem for about four weeks now and have had to install the drivers again twice because the modem "disappeared".

I found that restarting after installing the drivers before reconnecting the modem was the best solution; it's the opposite to the listed instructions.

  Mike 17:06 22 May 2005

Thanks Stuartli for your reply and suggestions, but I am afraid I still cannot connect. It all went ok until I connected the USB cable, it said it found new device also windows loading but when you look in device manager there is no sign of it. I am sure it has somthing to do with the USB side of things, but don't know what. I have just plugged my camera into the USB connection and all works ok.
Completely stumped.

  Stuartli 19:35 22 May 2005

Are you connecting through a USB hub and is it powered?

I only have two devices currently connected to my powered hub (the Sagem modem and a PCI Freeview TV card remote control receiver); the modem, according to Device Manager (USB controllers>Generic USB hub>Power tab), is taking 400mA and the receiver 100mA.

These take up the full 500mA available...:-)

  masterchief117 19:54 22 May 2005

hi mike, i had the same modem up untill about a 2-3 weeks ago when i upgraded to Belkin modem router. Just wondering but if you use the internet a lot you may want to consider an upgrade as well as the modem that you got free is the basic of basic.
If thats not an option have you tryed a diffrent usb cable with the sagem?

  woodchip 20:25 22 May 2005

This may help, go into Device Manager, double click on Ethernet. How many can you see and if you have Ethernet and your Modem in DM then disable Eternet then try reloading your modem software then plug the modem in

  Mike 17:57 24 May 2005

Thanks everybody for your suggestions. I went out and bought an ADSL PCI card which I have just installed. Guess what it works! You must be right masterchief these Sagem modems are crap.

Thanks once again everybody,
Regards, Mike

  canute44 08:04 11 Nov 2005

Just for the record, I have been using Tiscali complete with the Sagem modem for several years on Windows and have experienced no problems at all.
Now, trying Linux with this modem is another matter!

  Stuartli 09:09 11 Nov 2005

Been thinking about this - I'm of the view that it must be 500mA on each of the four ports as it's powered.

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