Cannot install or uninstall printer

  sdmck 16:48 21 Dec 2010

I recently uninstalled my printer as I wanted to start installation again to include my net book. Installation failed - saying it could not continue as could not find the software. I uninstalled and tried again to re-install. However, it still did not work and now when I try to install it again, that option is not available - only to uninstall, which I try to do but obviously this is not happening.

Now, leaving the printer aside, every time I try to open a program or the internet I get a box saying "smart web printing" and it is as though it is trying to install something. I keep having to X out (it takes about 4 or 5 attempts) before I can use the programme or internet.

As I say, the printer disc is not allowing me to install or uninstall and these error messages are driving me mad. Can anyone help please?

  rdave13 17:03 21 Dec 2010

Have a look in device manager. Also click on view and select 'show hidden devices'. It may be that the uninstall was corrupted. If device manager shows the printer ( with error icon possibly) then delete it. Reboot and try to reinstall via the disc again.

  sdmck 17:44 21 Dec 2010

Can't see the printer in the Device Manager. There is an entry SABKUTIL with a yellow exclamation mark in front of it. Is this some sort of warning?

  rdave13 17:58 21 Dec 2010

That's to do with Superantispyware; click here

  rdave13 18:00 21 Dec 2010

Try running the registry cleaner in Ccleaner. It's a mild registry cleaner but should find any redundant keys after an uninstall; click here

  woodchip 21:06 21 Dec 2010

You need to go to Start\Settings\Printers Folder Right click the printer then choose Delete. Also in Control Panel under Add Remove Programs remove the printer software in that if you can see it. Then to Reinstall put the Printer CD in the Drive, do not plug printer in until you see windows looking for the printer, or it tells you to turn the printer on

  sdmck 23:04 21 Dec 2010

Have tried all your suggestions but error messages are still coming up . Not able to remove printer using add and remove programme. Give up. Thanks for all your help.

  rdave13 23:13 21 Dec 2010

Give up? Why?
Name of printer and your operating system.
Sounds like a HP printer and XP as an OS.
This post will at least BUMP it so others will have a look.

  sdmck 23:30 21 Dec 2010

My printer is HP Photosmart 109n-z Wireless

I use Windows XP

I ran teh ccleaner you suggested and it showed up 408 errors (or problems found) but would only fix 6 free of charge. I did that then it showed up 391. I Ran it again and it showed up 488 errors!!
There are programmes in my add and remove section which I cannot remove - including the printer.

I have just re-inserted the disc to uninstall the printer and after rebooting when I insert the disc to install, that option is not there - but UNINSTALL is there.

I do appreciate your help.

  rdave13 23:35 21 Dec 2010

Woah there!!!!!
You've been redirected I think. File Hippo's link to Ccleaner you should have had, what have you downloaded?

  sdmck 23:53 21 Dec 2010

Registry mechanic. the link was to the left on the file hippo site.

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