cannot install my lexmark x1150 printer

  twydall 10:26 20 Jul 2004

Icannot install my lexmark x1150 printer ihave been in touch with lexmark they tested everything and said the problem seems to be my usb port any suggestions please

  interzone55 12:16 20 Jul 2004

Test the port with another device (scanner, camera, USB memory stick) if it works the port isn't at fault.

Test the USB cable with another device, if that works as well then the printer is at fault. Take it back where you bought it and demand an exchange.

One point I must mention here, I had a hell of a job getting my X1180 working (software installed fine), and I found out it was a faulty black cartridge. A bit dodgy that, bundling faulty cartridges in with the printers. You try explaining in PC World that a cartridge is faulty and you want a new one!!

  twydall 14:35 20 Jul 2004

Iplugged myprinter into my mouse port and my mouse froze does this mean the port is at fault the printer was working for a while then stopped

  twydall 15:00 20 Jul 2004

when i get a little way through the install process and it asks for the disc after it says it cannot find the file how come ?

  Wak 18:55 20 Jul 2004

I don't know if you installed it like this but with Lexmark I believe you put the CD driver disc in the CD drive and follow instructions on screen.
The disc will tell you when to plug in the printer.
Some people plug the printer in first before installing the drivers and it doesn't always work like that.
Hope this helps.

  Wak 18:57 20 Jul 2004

I would also suggest that you leave the mouse plugged in where it is. You will need it later anyway.
Plug the printer in some other USB port that isn't being used.

  twydall 15:14 23 Jul 2004

my printer was working fine then stopped printing lexmark tested it and it looks like the usb port is at fault they told me to contact the computer maker and get them to reconfigure my port can i do this myself and also is it easier to buy and add on another ort any ideas how this problem happened ? thanks

  twydall 14:50 26 Jul 2004

Ihave been advised that my usb port for my printer needs to be reconfigured can i do this myself or is it easier to buy and connect a new usb port also how has this problem happened thanks

  Wak 21:00 26 Jul 2004

I bought a card with 4 usb ports on it for about £10 which just fits in an internal slot and puts three ports out of the back and leaves one inside.
No problems fitting it.

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