Cannot install hardware it says

  jack 11:09 13 May 2005

But it has.
My Epson R300 for reason unknown managed to uniinstall itself the other day, having been working perfectly for over a year.
Ok so I dig out the software and reinstall.
and it works as before - no problem
except that having completed a print run and the inkmonitor and progress window go away there I am left with the following message
Cannot install this hardware
Error has occured because printer driver is unknown.

Now come on Windoze make up yer mind can you or cant you.

What do you think it is trying to tell me?

  Indigo 1 14:59 13 May 2005

Sounds like a conflict to me, try uninstalling in Control Panel/Add and Remove Programmes then re-start and see if it sorts it out. The other thing to check is Device Manager, Control Panel/ Administrative Tools/ Computer Management, in the left hand pane select Device Manager and check the right hand pane for yellow exclamation marks.

  BEN MARSHALL 15:23 13 May 2005

1) uninstall your epson printer making sure printer switched off.

2) Hold the windows key on your keyboard and click the Puse/Break button, the System propoties dialog box will apear!

3) select Hardware, Device Manager select the connection type either Universal Serial Bus (USB) or PORTS (COM & LPT) select your printers driver (epson...etc..)it will probubly have a (!)by it click remove driver!

4) Restart your PC

5) Insert Epson R300 CD into drive and load software when it says epson not found searching for connection the switch on your printer Windows will detect it and use the driver off the cdrom to install it! Click next then Finish.

6) Restart your pc.

7) It is recogmended you do a ink cartage nossle clean on your printer once a month and print a test page! for more details consult your user guide PS. If need driver see link: click here

Hop this helps .BEN.

  Ancient Learner 16:46 13 May 2005

Keep for reference.

  jack 17:50 13 May 2005

Thank you for all your kind suggestions-
All of which I am aware of though it never ceases to amaze me the unimaginable variations one can go through to achieve the same result.

Thr only puzzle I have/had How come Windoze says it does not know the hard ware when it is plainly installed and runnning -
Never mind its another of those MS Mysteries.

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