Cannot Install Flash

  hawthorn59 03:39 28 Mar 2012


Just reinstalled Windows 7. Now a site wants me to install Flash, which I have unsuccessfully tried to do in Firefox. It downloads, but when I install it, it then gives me "unknown error" and that is as far as I get.

It was for a survey site, yet the survey continued ok without it, but I guess i will have the same recurring problem.



  hawthorn59 04:43 28 Mar 2012


Much to my dismay I find I now cannot install Adobe Reader 10.1.2 either. Again just like Flash, it goes to 96% than after a while this error nessage:

Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly component

{B708EB72-AA82-3EB7-8BBO-D845BA35C93D}. HRESULT: 0X80070BC9.

The download page said I may have to disable anti-virus during installation. I never had to do that before (using MSE). But this time I installed AVG. Is there an issue with it or should I try disabling it?

Alternately I have an earlier installation file of Adobe Reader on a memory stick Im sure; maybe I should try that? What could be happening?



  onthelimit1 08:33 28 Mar 2012

It could well be AVG that's stopping it. Disable and try again. Personally, I would have stuck with MSE!

  hawthorn59 09:14 28 Mar 2012


I've just tried it however, with AVG disabled, and exactly the same thing, it stops at 96%


  birdface 09:21 28 Mar 2012

Maybe try installing in safe mode or with your firewall turned off.

  rawprawn 09:35 28 Mar 2012

Did you do a Full fresh install, or a re-install (Upgrade) If it was an upgrade your old files will still be there under windows old. If that is the case delete the adobe and flash files if they are showing.

  hawthorn59 13:35 28 Mar 2012

Actually on this occasion I installed a brand new hard drive, then an original copy of Windows 7.

I did find the error on a google search and it recommended a fix for it, but I wanted to see what you guys thought first! Heres the link:

Perhaps I should try that..?

thnx h

  robin_x 14:16 28 Mar 2012

Give it a go. I just find my Desktop is misbehaving after a W7 Repair Install a couple of weeks ago.

Exact same problem as you with YouTube and BBC vids.

Last night at 3am, YouTube Flash updater link was failing on install at 40% or so.

Just tried BBC News main page video link (click any video).

It has just worked.

Firefox Refresh button needs fixing.

All sorts of bits and pieces have been changed since Repair Install. Luck I use my Laptop mainly.

  hawthorn59 16:16 28 Mar 2012

Damn! Its not compatible with Windows 7!!


  rawprawn 17:02 28 Mar 2012

I would try "Repair Windows 7"

  hawthorn59 17:37 28 Mar 2012


Instead of disabling AVG I uninstalled it, and Adobe then installed! Havent tried Flash yet, now just installed MSE!


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