Cannot install Adobe Air and so cannot use HTC Sync

  robhawk 18:47 02 Jan 2012

For about a year I could synchronise my HTC Legend smart phone with my PC using HTC Sync. Since early November it has not been possible to do that and I am unable to reinstall HTC Sync.

Of the three components required for this re-installation one is Adobe Air. That is what will not install and that means I cannot use HTC Sync. I have discovered that the probable solution to overcome this is to enable Windows Installer logging. This is described at : . When I go as instructed to "HKEYLOCALMACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer" in Registry Edit I should find this: “ Logging Reg_SZ Value: voicewarmupx“ I do find this line but with "ab” in front of it. There is also another line which says: "ab (default) Reg_SZ (value not set)" I have tried replacing the (value not set)" expression with "voicewarmupx“ and I rebooted the computer leaving both lines (that start with "logging" and "(default)" in place. I tried again to install Adobe Air but got the same result. Should I have deleted the "(default)" line?

I am 90% certain that I am close to resolving my problem; unfortunately the Microsoft instructions while otherwise clear leave me uncertain as to how I should proceed. Would some genius please help?! And especially Happy New Year to whoever solves my problem!

  rdave13 19:57 02 Jan 2012
  robhawk 20:22 02 Jan 2012

Thank you - that's the route I went down. My trouble is that I'm unsure how to deal with the registry entries I have.

  robhawk 18:28 06 Jan 2012

I still cannot load Adobe Air. I have disabled Windows Installer Logging and tried again, only to fail. Looking at the log file (in %temp% )I get the message "Error 1714. The older version of Adobe AIR cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. System Error 1612."

Adobe support is unhelpful unless I pay and I am surprised that they have not picked up my difficulty.

Does anybody know how to get rid of an older version of Adobe Air?

  rdave13 23:13 06 Jan 2012

Have you tried Revo (free version),

If it 'sees' it then try the Advanced uninstaller mode. Only select the BOLD files showing, not 'delete all' as this is the safest way (I found to my cost). No need to expand any bold files or registry keys showing. Remember Revo will use the program's own uninstaller first and if this fails or asks for a reboot then ignore and press 'next'.

Some hints here,

  rdave13 23:15 06 Jan 2012

First link, again

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