Cannot get rid of programme "Great Downloads"?

  MLH48 19:37 21 Mar 2004

I have run AVG twice and also Absolute File Shredder several times. All references disappear until I reboot and there it is again. Presumably a virus of some sort??
I have used windows explorer & search to find all folders/files, but to no avail.
Help please!

  Indigo 1 19:42 21 Mar 2004

If you have System Restore enabled then it is probably hiding in the restore folder.

You will need to temporarliy diasble sys res then scan again.

Click, Start Menu/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore, in the left hand pane click Settings then Turn Off Sytem Restore.

That's assuming you have XP, but ME is very similar.

  Indigo 1 19:44 21 Mar 2004

It may also be a bit of spyware, use AdAware and SpyBot Search & Destroy.

Make sure you update them first and use both.

  MLH48 19:56 21 Mar 2004

yes, am on XP, and yes had already run spybot as well.
have tried disabling system restore - but did not do it!

  TommyRed 20:04 21 Mar 2004

Does anything appear in 'msconfig' under startup, that could be why it returns when you reboot. HTH TR

  anon1 20:11 21 Mar 2004

Think about anything that you recently installed or a website you visited. You may then be able to track down what is causing this. I would suggest that you click start/run then type msconfig. In the startup tab look for references to any program that you do not know and untick them. You need to get as specific as possible about the exact wording of any messages appearing. It may be a virus so maybe you could try click here and if they find a virus will tell you how to remove it.

  anon1 20:12 21 Mar 2004

It is probably hiding in the registry I had something a while ago that was a nightmare to get rid of. If you give me specific details I may be able to help you track it down

  Indigo 1 21:36 21 Mar 2004

Also try AdAware click here

  Indigo 1 21:37 21 Mar 2004

Also try AdAware click here

  temp003 04:14 22 Mar 2004

Has Adaware sorted it?

When you say on reboot it's there again, does it actually run (if so, how, e.g. by trying to connect you to internet or open an application window), or is there just an error message (e.g. saying a file can't be found)?

Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel will give you a little more information than msconfig click here install it, go to Control Panel, Startup, and go through each tab to look for suspicious entries. Untick the rogue entry, restart, and see if it works. If not sure what to untick, leave it alone and post back.

Or try HijackThis click here and download it from there. Unzip it, double click the HijackThis.exe file, click Scan and have a look. If you know which box to tick, tick it, CLOSE all explorer windows and any other application, and click "Fix Checked". Restart.

If not sure, click Save log, then copy and paste the text file here (you may have to paste the text in parts as the log may go over the limit here), and see if someone can find the culprit for you.

  anon1 11:55 22 Mar 2004

This is the mostrar dialer I have had an email from michaela and the removal instructions can be found here click here
For anyone interested this dialer is a difficult one to remove and it comes from porn sites and mp3 sites. The idea is that you can get *unlimited downloads* "free" but it is a premium rate call abroad (from £1.50 per min) and it will charge you daily. I would warn anyone that if a site wants you to install anything to get a download then forget it. You can always get what you want without any nasties.

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