Cannot get Netgear to work at all.

  Willow12 17:49 21 Sep 2005

Right I am sure that I am missing something obvious so I will tell you everything I have done.

I have brought a new laptop and want to set up a network connection with the normal PC. I have brought a Netgear DG834G wireless router for this job.

I unplugged my Speed Touch modem and plugged the line from that (which goes via a micro-filter) into the Netgear. I then plugged the Ethernet cable into the only place that would take it in the back of the PC tower which I assume is the LAN port. There is a picture of 3 PCs icon by where it is plugged in.

The Netgear has the power light lit and the ADSL link light is solid green. The light where the Ethernet cable is plugged into continually flickers and does not stay solid.

When I switch the PC on I cannot connect to the internet or seem to be able to configure or log in to the DG834G. When I check the properties of the network connection it just says "1934 connection connected, 1934 Net Adaptor"; and not the Netgear information the Netgear disk seems to indicate.

Have I got a LAN problem and if so how can I solve it? I am at a loss as to how to proceed and just seem to be going around in circles! And this before I even try to get the Laptop to talk to the main PC!

I use Windows XP.

Please help!!

  Number 7 18:57 21 Sep 2005

The DG834G has a built-in ADSL modem, you don't need the Speed Touch modem.

In the back of the DG834G there's a socket that the telephone cable plugs into, the other end plugs into the phone socket- if the only thing plugged into the phone socket is the router, you won't need the filter.

Now connect the router to the PC using the ethernet cable.

Turn on the router and then turn on the PC.

Follow the instructions in the Installation Guide to logon and configure the router.

  Willow12 19:02 21 Sep 2005

I have a phone on the other end so need to use the filter. I have put the other modem out of the picture but still cannot get the router to connect up to the internet.

I do wonder whether it is the ethernet cable connection to the PC as the port number light just flickers and is not stable. Also the properties on my network connection do not show the router. I know that the router is receiving the internet signal as this light is solid.

  Meshuga 19:11 21 Sep 2005

Willow12. I have the same setup and my port lights have always flickered so you shouldn`t be concerned about that. Sorry can`t help futher than that.

  Number 7 19:12 21 Sep 2005

If you've set-up Windows to network with the router you should see an icon under Network Connections called something like Local Area Connection.

If that's the case, then open Internet Explorer and type the IP address in the Installation Guide into IE's address bar.

A password box should appear- enter the default details as described in the installation manual.

You should now be at the router's set-up screen.

  Willow12 19:14 21 Sep 2005

Well that is one thing out then. Can I ask what your network connections say in Control Panel as I am at a loss as how to solve this issue. Although the netgear has the internet light lit I have no internet access.

  woodchip 19:17 21 Sep 2005

You need to check the Ethernet in the Computer as that should just go to Green. And after you connect it will flicker a bit. You may need to fit a PCI Ethernet card, if the other is giving you problems. and the old one would need disabling

  Al94 20:09 21 Sep 2005

Netgear usually simplicity itself to set up. Have a look here for help click here

  Willow12 20:56 21 Sep 2005

I have now got this working one way or another! Many thanks for all your help.

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