Cannot fully access My Computer

  Ancient Learner 12:21 15 Jan 2007

To explain - I'm currently in the Algarve, and therefore a long away away from all my notes and my copy of Windows for this Laptop. And we'll be here or a long time yet, until your mad winter has, hopefully, gone.

A very brief power cut, which we do get here, occurred just after I had switched on and allowed it to get going, and as I was reading the Emails I had downloaded. (In other words, it seemed to have got fully started). After that, I started with this problem.

I can access My computer, so that I can view all the drives, but when I try to access a drive itself, all I get a a blank white square, and the Laptop completely locks up.Then I have to press the button to restart up to get going again.

Everything else seems to work OK except GameDrive Manager, which won't open up, but does in fact work when I play a game that has a disk in the manager. I can manage OK without that.

I have tried using System Restore, but that didn't have any effect on the problem.

I have images of all 3 of my drives on a separate drive;(Being a laptop, all these 4 drives are on the same HDD) but I can't see them, of course, because I can't access My Computer, so I don't Know how old they are, but my lousy memory suggests that they are about 2 months old. I do have a Acronis True Image Boot Disk for the Laptop with me, but the darned thing won't work, and the Laptop just ignores it.

Could any genius suggest a way for me to fix this, as using My Computer is the way I download my photos, and carry out other housekeeping jobs.
Any help would be gratefully received.

  birdface 13:17 15 Jan 2007

Have you tried last good confiuration,Have to be in safe mode for that.

  birdface 13:47 15 Jan 2007

Can you right click C-Drive.If you can ,right click it ,properties. tools.Check Now,Check the two boxes ,now,You will then have to restart the computer ,This will check for problems, but it takes a while,Or go into device manager,Try to up-date your disk drive.Ask [about this one]If you cant update it delete it, restart computer driver should be restored,Get someone to confirm this before you try it,

  Ancient Learner 16:06 15 Jan 2007

Thank you.

Unfortunately when I right click C-drive the Laptop locks up.

I'd like to try the safe mode thing, but how do I access Safe mode - I can't remember! And, when I get there, what do I actually do?

  Ancient Learner 16:41 15 Jan 2007

Sorry. I remembered. F8. Chose the 'last good configuration'. No difference. (How on earth can it know which was that, I have to ask myself)(It didn't)

When you say, 'update your disk drive' what do you mean - the HDD, or the partition?
Updating the whole HDD sounds a dangerous thing to do, particularly since I can't replace what is there from here.

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