cannot format hdd

  stingray 19:00 10 Mar 2007

I was recently given a 60 gig ide disc that had formaly been the primary master in someones now defunct computer. Installed as a slave it funtioned well and could be read and written to.
However, and I still do not know why I did this, I right clicked the drive and hit the format option! Windows could not complete the format and since then, although the drive is visable and apparently working correctly in device manager and my computer, and in bios, it does not function.
If I right click it in my computer I get the message that the disc is not formated and would I like to format. Then a latter message to say that the disc cannot be formated. I downloaded the correct software from the samsung website and and that does not recognise the drive. If I change to the drive letter from the command prompt I receive the message that the drive does not have a recognised file system. I would appreciate any help.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:08 10 Mar 2007

Right click my computer


disk management

Can you format from there?

  stingray 19:26 10 Mar 2007

No I get message did not complete format.
My other 2 drives are shown with their file systems but the description is blank for the drive in question

  Joe R 19:29 10 Mar 2007


try as Diodorus Siculus has stated, but delete logical drive before trying to format.

  Ruddigore 20:04 10 Mar 2007

What Windows version and what file structure are you using for the format?

  Terry Brown 20:25 10 Mar 2007

Obtain a win98 /Winme boot disk from click here

Disconnect all other Hard Drives.

Boot from the floppy and select FDISK.Select option 3 (delete), delete in this order, Non-dos partitions then all other drive letters and logical drives.

When you have finished you will have a completely clean drive that will format to any format you desire from windows.

The alternative is to go to the Hard drive manufactures web site and download the drive checker/format from them and use that.

Both options are non-reversible, so any data will be lost forever.

  stingray 20:51 10 Mar 2007

thanks guys did as diadorus and joe advised getting somewere I think however drive now showing up as only 32.5 gig I guess this was the primary partion size so how do I get back the rest?

  stingray 17:34 11 Mar 2007

Ruddigore xp home and ntsf

  stingray 17:35 11 Mar 2007

Terry Brown does that work for xp?

  stingray 17:37 11 Mar 2007

Ruddigore ntfs even!

  Terry Brown 21:03 11 Mar 2007

When you disconnect all other drives, you have NO operating system so the motherboard defaults to a base dos level.
The Idea is to clear all existing formats off the hard drive and start from new.

I had a similar problem with a Maxtor 160gb drive-my fault-it was formatting and I accidentally switched off the power--The (free) utility not only checked my drive, but also allowed a low level format (factory format) restoring it to new condition.

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