cannot find (my documents) on my hard drive

  nonowtatall 17:34 15 Aug 2009

I am doing a format and new install on my friends computer and have taken out his hard drive to save his personal stuff as i have a hd caddy but when i attach it to my computer his personal stuff is not showingup on the drive is it hidden somewhere else all the other folders are there or is there another compartment with them in as it might be partitioned any ideas how to access

  Taff™ 07:30 16 Aug 2009

Which operating system is it? If the drive is partitioned you should see the each partition, perhaps F: G: Remember that there may also be a (hidden) partition for recovery. Right click on each one and select properties. Make a note of the sizes of each partition and post back.

  nonowtatall 13:20 16 Aug 2009

it does not show partition just folders like docs and settings 374 mb progams 8gb hp 1.98 mbwindows folders 1.28gb but all of the photos letters etc is not there when it crashed would all of that go missing it is a hp pavillion with the os built in xp home what should i look for

  Les28 14:47 16 Aug 2009

What happens when you open the documents and settings folder, is there a folder inside that with his user name on and if you open that folder is there a folder My Documents with his My Pictures, My Music etc inside of it?

  BRYNIT 16:18 16 Aug 2009

Usually it will be in Documents and settings/User (Name)/my documents.

  nonowtatall 18:11 16 Aug 2009

tried that when i open it all it says is files corrupt

  Les28 20:23 16 Aug 2009

Don't know whether you could run windows disk error checker on the slaved drive by opening My Computer on your pc, right clicking on the icon for the slaved drive and left click properties, then click tools, error checking, check now, then ticking Automatically fix file system errors and scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

  Les28 20:51 16 Aug 2009

Or maybe you could put the drive back in its original pc and try accessing the hard drive by booting with a live boot distro like Knoppix

click here

click here

perhaps Knoppix version 5.1.1 En iso CD , its a big download though 696 MB and may not work but a useful thing to have.

  DieSse 21:53 16 Aug 2009

"when i open it all it says is files corrupt"

Well that's why you can't see them!

Run CHKDSK on the drive, to see if it can recover anything - as suggested above by Les28.

Maybe a hardware fault on the drive has caused the corruption and crash in the first place. If it has you're out of luck - I've just had a very similar hard drive fault on a clients system, and only some files were recoverable.

You can also try running Seatools on the drive, to give it a general test - but be careful not to run the tests that write over data, at least at the start.

  Les28 10:35 17 Aug 2009

Don't know whether you managed to run windows error checker from your own pc on the slaved drive, if not maybe you could try putting the drive back into the old machine and running check disk from the recovery console, if you haven't already tried that.

click here

If you don't have a windows disk or floppy drive you could download rc.iso for xp boot from that and try to access the recovery console and run the checkdisk command, near bottom of page here where to download rc.iso

click here

I'm inclined to agree with DieSse if the drive is physically damaged or the master file table damaged you mightn't have much luck.

  nonowtatall 19:11 17 Aug 2009

tried the knoppix disc it opened on the computer but that was all it stopped so i am now going to put it in the caddy and try the disc error checker on my computer also while i have it on my computer what do you think about saving the users folder to mine and check it that way or will it harm my computer where do i get the seatools thing to test the drive

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