Cannot find a device file

  Dazwm 18:42 15 May 2003

A colleague mucked about with my laptop and the following error has occured:-
Cannot find a device file thay may be needed to run windows or a windows application.

The windows registry or SYSTEM.INI refers to this device file, but the device file no longer exists.

If you deleted this file on purpose, try uninstalling the associated application using its uninstall or setup program.

If you still want to use the application associated with this device file, try reinstalling that application to replace the missing file


The OS is windows 98, but I have no disc because I brought of a friend a couple of years ago.

Please help if you can!!!

  eccomputers 18:53 15 May 2003

you can download it here click here

  Gman 18:54 15 May 2003

download the vxd here.
click here

  Dazwm 18:59 15 May 2003

What do I do then ? What do I open it with?

  3Toed 19:01 15 May 2003

This is what it is-maybe someone on the forum can give you some pointers-Windows ODI to NDIS Mapper.-means nothing to me.

  Dazwm 19:29 15 May 2003

I have downloaded the vxd but don't know what to do now!!

  eccomputers 11:32 16 May 2003

unzip it and copy it to the folder c:\windows\system32

Then reboot. Its a networking file

  Dazwm 18:16 16 May 2003

I have done the above but it won't let me change the pixels (currently 640 by 480 instead of 1024 by 768) and the colors are only 16, what now?

  Dazwm 19:29 16 May 2003

I think a driver has been deleted how do i get one
and how do i know which one to get

  anchor 20:06 16 May 2003

Have a look in control panel, System, Device Manager, Display adaptor, and see what graphic card you have.

You may then be able to find the driver set for this on the web, and re-install.

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