User-C9F8DA06-30A1-43E2-8C38A329CDC0B864 17:33 14 Jan 2007

Hi; my harddrive seems to have breathed its last. When the computerboots it freezes and says failed to find boot sector press F1 to try again. None of the drives come up in the bios as well. Whats the way forwad from here? If I have 2 buy a new hard drive do I need 2 biy a new OS or can i get my hands on some sort of restore programs that can help re-install Win XP. I have an upgrade version of win XP. Can anyone help.....many thanx

  Jak_1 17:39 14 Jan 2007

Either your hard drive is dead or the boot sector is corrupt. Either way if you get a new hdd then you will need a systems cd. Just an upgrade is no good.
Odd that both drives are not showing in bios

  woodchip 17:40 14 Jan 2007
  woodchip 17:41 14 Jan 2007

PS before you use the above try a new Ribbon cable on the drives

Thanx guyz. before i tried any of these I used my XP upgrade instalation CD and it recogonised the drive but said it had no previous OS and thus couldn't upgrade. Am tempted to look for a full instalation OS in either win95/98; and then upgrade it to XP afterwards. However I don't know where to get any of these OSs without forking out a fortune. Has anyone got any ideas or would woodchips suggestion provide a better solution. Thanx

  surfmonkey #:@}© 16:07 15 Jan 2007

just a thought if pmugiz could borrow a os disc from somone then upgrade it would this count as pireting as all he would be doing is upgradeing an old os to xp with his upgrade disc and product key

  woodchip 20:19 15 Jan 2007

If the Drive was fitted in another computer, it may see it. But the Problem of it not been seen is as I said above. Ether the Ribbon cable is Faulty or the MBR is corrupt. In both cases the Info will still be there on the disc. and both my suggestions in that order should be tried in the first posts I made.

A ribbon cable may be all that it needs. If not the Testdisk program will find and fix the MBR

  ForestChav 01:21 16 Jan 2007

None of the drives show up?

What drives do you have? CD drives? HD Drives? How many? Checked jumper settings? Reseated IDEs? Anything recently added?

Sorry, but i would normally say that non-detection in BIOS meant that the HDD has gone, but, if nothing else is working, it could be the MB...

  pk46 01:31 16 Jan 2007

Check your hard drive in the boot sector in the bios is not disabled.

I have tried surfmonkeys solution and it worked without a hitch. I had an old drive from a discarded computer and it still had an old OS on it. I booted from my CD drive with my XP OS upgrade and it worked fine. Thanks alot guys. Really apprerciate.

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