cannot do anything with pc

  Bodice 23:55 12 Jun 2005

when i start it up it loads up and then before it has finished it freezes, ive tried everything i can think of. im running windows 98 any ideas

  Bodice 00:14 13 Jun 2005

i take it no one can help me

  Number 7 00:26 13 Jun 2005

What's on the screen when the computer freezes?

Check all the connections are secure.

Can you start it in Safe Mode?

Keep tapping the F8 key while the computer is booting.

If you can start it in Safe Mode, then it might be a driver issue.

Try Safe Mode.

  Night Ryder 00:32 13 Jun 2005

There is an issue with Win98 and fast processors.
There is a fix you can download to fix this

  Bodice 01:07 13 Jun 2005

im really sorry i made a mistake im running ME and ive checked all the connections. but thank you and ill try that advice

  howard60 08:57 13 Jun 2005

try opening the case and see if the fan on the cpu is running this could be an overheating problem. You may find the pc filled with fluff etc. just running it with the case open may allow it to operate.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:48 13 Jun 2005

Freezing during loading is usually a driver problem.

1. try booting with all USB devices unplugged

2. Boot to safe mode and try uninstalling devices in device manger until the prolem goes away

  lotvic 18:53 13 Jun 2005

was the pc okay and then suddenly wouldn't load OS or have you changed anything and then encountered this problem?

Please give as much detail as poss - the more you tell us the better.

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