Cannot delete MP3 files/folders on CD-RW

  richardjb 16:47 04 Mar 2003

I am creating MP3 files with MyMP3 by Steinberg and then copying the files onto CD-RW.

Lately I have some files/folders I would like to delete but when I try to, I get an error message saying that I can't because the files/folders are Read-only.

I checked the properties of all the files and folders and yes they have been created as Read-only. I took the tick out of the properties and tried again but it still won't let me delete.

Does anyone know of a way I can stop the properties from doing this. Or is it because the files are copies of the original file and will always be read-only.


  BeeWee 18:06 04 Mar 2003

put the tick in "archive" (in the mp3 properties) and try that

  €dstow 18:53 04 Mar 2003

This idea of using a CDRW like a floppy is something of a fable as far as I see it. My opinions on CDRWs are well known on this forum and this is yet another example of them promising plenty, delivering nothing.

Why not create a folder on your hard drive for your MP3 files and save yourself the wailing and gnashing of teeth when your CDRW fails to deliver, yet again.

When you have a collection you want to keep, transfer to a CDR - these are so dead cheap anyway, it's hardly worth while messing around with the rewritable type.


  pj123 20:36 04 Mar 2003

Files written to CD/R or CD/RW are always read only. Files written to a CD/R cannot be deleted. However, "Powerdesk" which is a substitute for windows explorer (and much better) will delete read only files on a CD/RW (providing the CD was formatted), if it is an unformatted CD then the only way to delete files is by using the programme that burnt them to CD in the first place, eg. nero burn or easy CD creator. PoewerDesk is free and was last seen (by me) on PC Advisor cover disk for March 2001. I use it all the time now instead of windows explorer.

  richardjb 08:42 05 Mar 2003

BeeWee - Thanks but this didn't work.

DStow - Funny how manufacturers are liberal with the truth. I will probably do as you suggest.

pj123 - I'll take a butchers at it tonight - got it somewhere amongst all the AOL discs.

Thanks All

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