cannot delete game from computer

  OASTS 11:07 05 May 2007

Hi there can anyone help my friend, he has a Nancy

drew game on his computer which he cannot delete,

has tried add and remove programs. but

nothing works, i can say that it was bought at

Christmas and came as a cd rom and manufactured by

pogo games.

thank you in advance for any options open to him regarding this matter.

  birdface 13:11 05 May 2007

Can he delete it from all programs,and use its own uninstaller.

  OASTS 13:20 05 May 2007

thank you for response buteman, the info i have is

cannot delete it off programs, as in add and remove

program, as to its own installer ive no info, but at

a guess, it does not have one, also no shortcut on computer.

will suggest this to him, he has been trying for

weeks, with no luck. thank you will keep you informed

  Totally-braindead 14:48 05 May 2007

He could try reinstalling it and then try deleting it or perhaps he should look at the actual game file or indeed at what the CDROM says when inserted, some games have their own built in uninstaller which would probably work.

  OASTS 20:47 05 May 2007

Many thanks for the advise giiven for this problem

just received notification of the owner of the game has a copy, so thank you this information is really usefull, as the one i received earlier,

will pass all messages on to my friend who is eternally grateful to all who answere this post.

will write a reply as soon as i can or when the game has been deleted for his computer

many thanks to both of you.

yours oasts

  p;3 08:09 06 May 2007

of interest, can you find out what version of windows he is on and when was it last fully updated; also what protection programs his computer has and when did he last fully update and run them all?

one hopes that the disc he used for the game was 'safe' to use and not got any unwanted guests on it, as the program seems to be proving difficult to remove::((

one hopes he did a virus and other scans OF it before he opened it?

  Totally-braindead 12:21 06 May 2007

As another idea. I have had considerable success removing programs manually.
If you goto where the main program is installed on the C drive, usually under Program Files and right click and delete it and then run Ccleaner it can search for leftover bits of programs. It should find the rest of the deleted program and then allow you to get completely clear of it.
It has worked for me on several occassions including a corrupt program file on a friends computer just on Friday past.
In his case it was AVG anti virus, it wouldn't let me delete it or reinstall it. I deleted the program manually as above, ran Ccleaner to get rid of the leftovers in the registry etc and then was able to reinstall from scratch and now its back working perfectly.

  wantolearn 15:55 06 May 2007

totallybraindeads suggestion has solved my error message problem so hope it works for u too.

  Totally-braindead 21:26 06 May 2007

Brilliant program that Ccleaner.

  OASTS 01:57 07 May 2007

Dear p,3 thank you for the response, as far as i aware my friend has updates of all programs

the game was deleted successfully and he used the

disc which had the game on it, which was totally

clear of unwanted items, yes we had thought at first

of the game being infected with a virus of some kind

but is not the case.

have sent these messages to him as i dont want to give the wrong information,

thank you very much for your ideas my friend

is very gratefull. oasts

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