Cannot delete files

  Old_Nick 13:45 29 Aug 2006

I have two files which when I attempt to delete give the following message:

"The file or directory is currupted or unreadable"

A search of the direcory yields no result.

Any ideas please

  SB23 13:56 29 Aug 2006

Try this, click here.

A forum member put me onto this little program. Works too!

  Das Boot 13:57 29 Aug 2006

Hi have you scanned for a virus.

  SB23 14:04 29 Aug 2006

Sometimes I get this when deleting programs when they leave files behind.
Use unlocker, with that you can just delete the remaining files.
With thanks to VoG™ who put me onto it in the first place.


  Old_Nick 15:01 29 Aug 2006

Unfortunatey unlocker does not solve the problem.
Programme reports "No locking handles".
It also suggests running chkdsk, but windows does this automatically each time delete is tried.

Any other ideas please

  rawprawn 15:43 29 Aug 2006

Try this way in DOS
Click Start, click Run and type cmd then click on Enter, or launch a command prompt window from your Programs/Accessories folder.
Now right click on an empty part of your taskbar then left click on Task Manager. Highlight EXPLORER.EXE then click on End Process. Windows Explorer will vanish from site.
Now in the Command Prompt windows, type this:
cd Press your enter key. This changes directory to the root of C:
Use the cd command to change directory to whichever folder you want to play with, then use the del command to delete it or its contents.
Corrupted files that are accessed by Windows Explorer may often not be deleted, so doing the process using DOS commands in a command prompt window without Explorer interfering with things is the only sure fire way I know of to sort it out.

  skidzy 15:46 29 Aug 2006

Here is a list you may consider,personally try scrolling through the list to Eraser...this should sort your here

  rawprawn 15:48 29 Aug 2006

I should have added I got that from this forum, but I have never used it in anger

  Old_Nick 13:41 01 Sep 2006

Thanks to all who tried to help in finding a solution to this problem, but unfortunately none were successful.

However, I tried the following work round which did:

1 Make an image of the partition that held the currupted files in my case using "Acronis 9".

2 Re-format the partition

3 Restore the image excluding the offending files.

This procedure solved the problem and also speeded up the computer substancially.

Thanks again

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