Cannot delete email from Outlook Express.

  KWAKI 21:58 26 May 2006

I'm on the DABS.COM mailing list and recently i recieved an email which i cannot remove. Any new mail i recieve after this one can be read but not opened in a new window ,i just get the message 'there was an error opening this message, an error has occured.'As soon as i get back down to the DABS email and click on it ,nothing happens ,the egg timer symbol appears and will not go until i try to close the window at which point i get the 'end task ' box.

I cannot send email either,i just get the same error message and a message saying to reinstall Outlook Express 6. All messages can be deleted except for the DABS.COM email, i don't know how to reinstall Outlook Express, has anyone got any other ideas ,please help.

  johnnyrocker 22:13 26 May 2006

if you have xp and an xp disk you can run a system file check, start/run and type sfc /scannow bearing in mind the space after sfc, this will search for corrupt files and ask you for the disk from which it will replace any corrupt files.


  VoG II 22:17 26 May 2006

If your ISP has a webmail option (most do) go there and delete the message.

  johnnyrocker 00:06 27 May 2006

or maybe try in safe mode?


  p;3 00:18 27 May 2006

assuming you are discussing a mail in your OE program , what happens if you right mouse click on the header? do you get presented with a menue of options ; and have you run a full set of scans on your pc?

  KWAKI 13:53 30 May 2006

I cannot delete the mail through my isp as i use another email address that i created in OE. If i right click on the problem mail the same thing happens ,the egg timer starts and nothing happens until i close the whole OE window and end task/send error report pops up.

I have run AVG virus scan and Spybot if this is what you mean by scans but i hav'nt run a file system check with an XP disc as i only have the XP upgrade disc and i'm not sure how to do this anyway. By the way it has got worse now ,it will do the same opening emails sent up to four lines above the un-deletable DABS mail.

Any ideas ,i'm not that hot on computers so it could be something obvious that i'm doing wrong.

  johnnyrocker 13:58 30 May 2006

did you try my safe mode suggestion, have you tried system restore? your new created mail i would think is also hosted by your isp, failing that i think system file check will be your only choice.


  DieSse 16:10 30 May 2006

It very much looks as if your Inbox.dbx file is corrupt - have a general read here about it click here

Try the following. Make a new email folder, called, say, Test

Drag all the good files from the Inbox into the folder Test. Hopefully you can get them all except the problem one. If you can, then

Find the Inbox.dbx file on your system and rename it Inbox.old (don't delete it yet, just in case).

Restart OE - it will automatically make a new Inbox folder for you - and empty one.

Drag all the files from Test into the new Inbox. Your OE should then behave OK.

If this doesn't all work smoothly, let us know what exactly does happen.

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