Cannot delete AVI file

  janz 04:28 28 Mar 2003

I cannot delete an AVI file from My Documents, whenever i try a message replies that it being used and I cannot delete.
When the AVI is selected CPU usage on explorer ( in task manager) increases to 98 /99% and lock up the computer
Anyone got any ideas to get rid of this file?????

  MAJ 07:02 28 Mar 2003

Restart your computer in Safe Mode and try to delete it from there, janz. Also try doing a virus scan with an up to date virus scaner, AVG click here for example. Where did you get this AVI file from? Is it one of your own or downloaded from Kazaa?

  Lú-tzé 08:13 28 Mar 2003

Click on the avi file in windows explorer.

Wait for the preview of it to show in windows explorer.

Press the delete button on your keyboard.

Choose yes when asked if you want to delete it.

  janz 15:42 28 Mar 2003

Maj, tried deleting in safe mode but access still denied and comp just locked up again, explorer 99% cpu etc. have got AVG but no virus present, I got the AVI from winmx

  Confab 15:46 28 Mar 2003

Try right clicking on my documents in explorer and deleting the whole of the my documents folder with the avi file inside. Don't forget to create a new my documents folder and run a virus check afterwards.


  Confab 15:46 28 Mar 2003

Just thought this won't work

  Lú-tzé 15:53 28 Mar 2003

Try renaming the file to remove the avi suffix - eg video.old and then try to delete it.

Sounds weird, but might work...

  A15 17:00 28 Mar 2003

I have had this problem & as Lú-tzé says renaming the file worked for me. Firstly I had to restart the machine (I am using XP) so the file was not locked. Secondly I right clicked the file & renamed the file & the extension, It does not matter what to, any rubbish will do. Click the yes box at the warning about changing file extensions, then right click & delete as usual. Well this worked for me anyway, hope it does for you too.

  janz 17:21 28 Mar 2003

thanks everyone , the file is gone, I ran cybersrub and erased it beyond recovery.

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