Cannot Decode XFX Graphics Adapter Part Numbers

  soph 20:09 12 Nov 2010

I'm starting to purchase parts for the £912 PC in the Dec 2010 issue. The machine will be used for processing video and large photo image files with Photoshop.

I cannot find anywhere on the key to decoding the series of HD 5850 part numbers. I cannot find any help in the photos and specifications.

My choice is either HD-585X-ZNFV or HD-585X-ZAFV.

What do the N and A indicate? - other than a considerable difference in price!

  northumbria61 22:56 12 Nov 2010

Anything here to help click here

  soph 20:19 13 Nov 2010

Thanks northumbria61 but no. The comparisons all seem to have the same detail listed!

There must be an info page somewhere . . . . !

  northumbria61 13:19 14 Nov 2010

Hi soph - I have been having a look at and looking at "comparisons" for the 2 you mention. Like you can't see anything that determines the N & A

Have you tried contacting them for an answer - click here

Telephone support is 60p per minute (UK) but it might be quicker than "online support"

  GaT7 14:12 14 Nov 2010

Did the Dec2010 issue actually suggest a HD 5850 GPU & for what purpose?

It's just that you don't need a gaming-grade GPU for what YOU will be using the PC. Save £150 here with a £50 (max) GPU & get a better (e.g. IPS-based) monitor instead. G

  GaT7 14:23 14 Nov 2010

About the differences between the two - from click here & scroll down to post by damianJP - apparently it's in the kind/shape of the coolers they have.

There could also be a difference with the bundled software, especially in terms of free games included. G

  northumbria61 14:57 14 Nov 2010

Crossbow7 - reading your input I seem to have missed the point - I just focused on the 1st bit "I'm starting to purchase parts for the £912 PC in the Dec 2010 issue" so I assumed she had already decided and was intent on getting the HD-5850 - that saving could be put to better use !

  citadel 08:13 15 Nov 2010

hd 5850 are made to a reference design so you can get one from any maker.

  soph 10:10 15 Nov 2010

Many thanks to all out there for the info! - on cost saving and cooling variations. Job done! I knew you knowledgeables were out there!

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