Cannot copy or move to CD-RW

  RubyTuesday 10:44 25 Apr 2005

Hi people....I have been trying to copy photographs and files to CD-RW's and CD-R's, but each time I get a box up saying "D:\is not accessible. Incorrect function." I have never had this problem before! Whenever I put a music disc or photo disc in there is no problem, it plays ok. Why is this unaccessible?

  TomJerry 10:51 25 Apr 2005

XP? did you disable CD burning function of XP?

  RubyTuesday 10:54 25 Apr 2005

yes I have XP.....and no, I did not disable anything.

  TomJerry 11:33 25 Apr 2005

"My Computer", right click "CDRW" and select properties to see what happening there.

  RubyTuesday 12:02 25 Apr 2005

When I clicked properties, this is what came up:


GENERAL: (there is a box here with nothing in it, but looks as though it is waiting for something to be written in it, but when I tried, nothing happened)

USED SPACE: (a blue box) 0 BYTES
FREE SPACE: (a pink box) 0 BYTES

Then there is a large BLUE circle named DRIVE D

Then it said "This device is working properly".

I am sorry if this doesnt help, but the above is exactly what it says.

  rawprawn 12:09 25 Apr 2005

Is it a new CDRW? if so format it then try again.

  RubyTuesday 12:29 25 Apr 2005

No, its not a new one......its integral in my laptop....had the laptop 3 years!

  rawprawn 13:08 25 Apr 2005

I'm afraid that I have never owned a laptop, so I am not sure about it but unless there is something on it that you don't want to lose, I would still format it.Wait and see if TomJerry has other ideas.

  rawprawn 15:52 25 Apr 2005

Anyone else with a better idea? Bump

  Technotiger 16:06 25 Apr 2005

Hi, I would suggest that you completely uninstall All of the software of whatever program you are using (Nero or EasyCD or whatever). Make sure every thread of the progam is removed completely and then Re-install the software. I believe this may then cure your problem.


  RubyTuesday 16:09 25 Apr 2005

Thanks will I know if every thread of the program has been removed? Sorry, but not very technical minded (as you've probably gathered)!

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