Cannot copy files from c: to d: (CD). Any advice?

  Loracthims 15:49 09 Aug 2003


I wanted to save some pictures and documents to a CD. I've done this in the past but now when I copy the relevant files (mostly .doc or .bmp)I get various error messages which prevent this from happening. (Can still copy to floppy disk though.)

Have tried with new blank discs incase of disc prob (as error messages sometimes suggest) but still nothing.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? Can you advise of things to try?

(Also, when I put in a disc which in the past would automatically run, such as games or new softward, it does NOT automatically run anymore - any advice on how to fix this?)

I appreciate any help you can give me. (Running Windows Me - it's a terrible PC/OS which has given me nothing but problems since the day I bought the thing!!!)



  Jester2K II 16:03 09 Aug 2003

I get various error messages which prevent this from happening

So what are the errors then???

  krypt1c 16:15 09 Aug 2003

To autoplay cds when you insert them you need to turn the feature on. I think inder ME you need to right click on my computer > properties > device manager >cd drive then within this there's an option to autoplay, maybe.
Re copying data to a cd what utility are you using?

  Assassin 16:24 09 Aug 2003

Subject to answer to question "what utility?", it may be discs need to be formatted before you can drag and drop files to them (eg with Roxio). A de-frag might also help with CD burning.

  Smiler 17:11 09 Aug 2003

Are you copying to cdr cdrw or using Incd or similar on a formatted cdrw disc. What program are you using what system and os do you have??????????

  Loracthims 17:15 09 Aug 2003

Tried again with 2 different makes of blank discs (both types work if burning CDs and both have worked in storing data in past).

Only error message I got with both this time was:

"Access is denied - make sure disk is not full or write-protected and that file is not currently in use".

Disk shows as 100% free, can't be write-protected (?) because it's not been used before and works for burning, and file is not open.

[With the autorun problem, I followed the My Computer > Properties > Device Manager suggestion but it doesn't seem to have a suitable option. Only options not ticked are "Sync data transfer" and "DMA" - ones which ARE ticked are "disconnect" and "auto insert notification".]

If you need any more info please let me know. Appreciate help. (OS Me)

  Loracthims 17:18 09 Aug 2003

I'm copying to cdrw (which is actually e: not d: as I put above). Have Fujitsu Siemens Euroline PC with Windows Me. I'm using "recordable cd-r" discs.

  leo49 17:26 09 Aug 2003

What SOFTWARE are you using to burn the CDR?

  Smiler 17:28 09 Aug 2003

What program are you using to write the cd's

  Loracthims 17:46 09 Aug 2003

Nothing!!! Ahem. Sorry. I'm currently (and always) having problems with computer and want to back up my documents and pictures onto a disk.

I am literally trying to copy and paste! I'm going to My Computer > c: > My documents (then picking ones I need) > right-click copy > back to e: > paste.

Forgive me if this is absolutely not how to do it. This is how I was told to do it and I could have sworn it worked before.

Do you mean I should use my actual CD burning software (e.g. Data Becker or Steinberg Cubasis) and copy to CD this way? I feel like an idiot!!!!!!

  Smiler 17:49 09 Aug 2003

It's not possible to copy and paste to cd-r discs, only to formatted cr-rw discs.

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