Cannot contact friend in Berlin

  golucky 16:16 04 Jul 2006

I'm running Windows XP, a Logitech webcam and MSNMess v.7.5.
Whilst I can video conference with a friend in Gosport, I cannot contact an aquaintance in Berlin. He reports that he can speak and see many of his contacts in several European countries and so his system also appears to be OK. My Logitech/MSN reports my system as 'stable and running'. Any ideas, please and does it affect the connection if my German friend has a different make of webcam? Thank you to those who reply to this.

  howard63 16:19 04 Jul 2006

I use msn messenger with my web cam and double click on one of my 'buddies' in the list and then instant message and at the top is a tab for video conversation.

  golucky 16:24 04 Jul 2006

You're right Howard63. That's how I contact my old school chum in Gosport. It don't work with the guy in Germany, though. Thanks for the suggestion.

  howard63 16:27 04 Jul 2006

is he not using messenger? there are other instant messenger sites that can use video. I believe yahoo is one

  golucky 16:30 04 Jul 2006

Thanks again Howard 63. Yes, he's using the same version of MSNMessenger as me. The set-up ticks seems to be in the same places, too.

  howard63 16:39 04 Jul 2006

if its any help send him my e-mail address and he can send me an invite to add him to my buddy list. If I can make video contact with him it will show it to be a setting on yours that needs sorting. If you want to do this click on the yellow envelope.

  golucky 16:53 04 Jul 2006

That's a very good idea - and 'thank you' for it.
Roland is a professor in physiology and I think etiquette demands I tell him about this arrangement first. I'll be back in touch but it may not be today.

  howard63 17:25 04 Jul 2006

ok no problem

  golucky 15:11 05 Jul 2006

It seems, Howard63, that Roland can't be reached at this time. I know he is expecting to go into hospital shortly - maybe that's the reason. Whatever, I'll not keep you hanging on but I can ask another friend i.d.c. to do as you suggest. I'm grateful for your interest and will mark this as 'Resolved'.

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