cannot connect to wireless net work

  dogs74 18:37 08 Jan 2006

I've recently set up a buffalo wireless modem/ router and whilst the internet now seems to work ok on the desktop, I cannot connect to the network through my laptop. 9 times out of ten, the network doesnt show as being in range (despite being in the same room) but when rarely it does, i cannot connect to it... I just get told "waiting for network"

Any ideas, folks?

  mgmcc 22:39 08 Jan 2006

Try changing the Channel number in the router. The default setting is "11", try changing to "7" or "4" to see if that makes any difference.

The hardware (router and laptop) shouldn't be close to central heating radiators, cordless phones, mobile phones or any other radio devices.

  dogs74 20:38 09 Jan 2006

Hi mgmcc. Thanks for the advice - where can i change the channel? As way of an update - it was all working a ok yesterday and earlier on but for the last 40 mins, the laptop just A) can't see the network and B) when it does, can't connect. (It started working the night before last when i cahnged the laptop wireless IP address from to

  dogs74 20:49 09 Jan 2006

update... every now and then the laptop seems to find my network and connect. But the connection only lasts a few seconds before it's bumped...?!

  mgmcc 07:44 10 Jan 2006

<<< where can i change the channel? >>>

If the interface is similar to my Buffalo router (which isn't a combined Modem/Router as I have Cable), I type its IP address into my web browser, select "LAN Settings > Wireless Settings" and one of the options is "Wireless Channel" with a drop-down list to change the setting.

<<< It started working the night before last when i cahnged the laptop wireless IP address from to >>>

Why are you allocating a fixed IP address instead of letting the router allocate it by DHCP? Also, is that the correct IP address range - my Buffalo has 11 as the third octet of the address, i.e its own address is and it allocates addresses from upwards.

  dogs74 19:07 10 Jan 2006

<<<Why are you allocating a fixed IP address instead of letting the router allocate it by DHCP?>>> I'd taken advice from another thread on here but I've now reverted back... fingers crossed.

I;ve found where I can change the channel, thanks - it's in "wireless" - "advanced" on this one.

Now, here's one for you... the modem/ router appears to have completely reset itself over night. I mean, completely reset. I'm not long home and when I've put my laptop on, it could only see the network "WMB-54g" as in - it had reverted back to factory settings.

Until now, I've had it sat on my window sill - it was a bit of a cold night... could this of caused it to comepletly reset? Honestly - I'm at a loss. That coupled with the fact that yesterday the phone wire to the adsl socket had come out mysteriously... I'm starting to wonder if something doesn't want this to work...!?!?

  mgmcc 21:41 10 Jan 2006

I cannot suggest a reason why it should have reset itself to factory settings and, unless the temperature was below its working range, that shouldn't have affected it. However, I would now be inclined to perform a "deliberate" hard reset back to factory settings and start again from scratch.

  dogs74 22:41 10 Jan 2006

I'll give it a go (though I went through the set-up from scratch again earlier...)

to be honest, unless you were to suggest there was hope otherwise, I'm getting close to just getting rid of it altogether and getting myself a simple router to use alongside my old modem. This thing really has done me in - it's taken me 30 mins just to get online now and that's on the desktop. Not to mention that the laptop is still struggling to see a connection, let alone connect to it... It seems to be getting itself a 169.254... IP address again?!?! In fact, having just ran an IP release then renew and getting a kosher 192.168 IP address, within 3 mins it's decided to revert back to the 169. etc IP thus offering a "limited or no connectivity".
I'm really sick and tired i think...

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