Cannot connect using Internet Connection Sharing

  Tricky Dicky 268 21:51 10 Jun 2004

I have two networked pc's at home. The Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) pc runs Windows XP home, the client pc runs Windows 98. Last week the client pc stopped being able to connect to the internet and Internet Explorer 6 began to produce an error message, the gist of which was "Internet Explorer has encountered an error and needs to close. If the problem persists please restart your computer". I reinstalled IE6 but that did not solve the problem, and as the pc (which is used by all members of the family) had a lot of junk on it, it I restored the hard disk to factory condition. With the ICS pc logged on to the Internet I ran the ICS Client disk program, and initially I saw the google screen which I had set as the home screen, but now it says "Cannot find server or DNS error". When I first set up ICS, I think that was all I did, but the client pc still cannot connect to the Internet. The ICS icon used to be visible in the system tray, but it is not there now. I have tried setting the IP address manually to with a subnet mask and I have set the Default Gateway to (which agrees with the ICS computer). I have looked at the help screen within Windows 98 but still cannot figure out what is wrong. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  caast©? 22:19 10 Jun 2004

sorry I cannot help but just want to get your thread into my postings as you can see I am having the same problems.

I too have forced the IP addresses manually but still not getting the ICS. Everything was fine before I reformatted the XP computer.

  Tricky Dicky 268 10:27 12 Jun 2004

The problem is not with Internet Connection Sharing - it is the Zone Alarm V5 upgrade. See the threads posted 11/6/04. I have restored to pre-installation of Zone Alarm V5 and my Internet Connection Sharing is fine.

You have been warned!

Tricky Dicky 268

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