cannot connect to anywhere ? all other comps are fine ?

  Baskerville 15:52 29 Nov 2012

Hello all,

I restored my computer back to factory settings the other day, everything went well and afterwards I could get online no probs, (we have a wireless connection}

Yesterday I tried to connect and nothing will let me go online the wifi seems fine and this computer is working online, but MY laptop just refuses to go online, it's a windows vista home premium op system and is Median computer.

O2 have tested the line but still nothing will connect me to the internet, they say if only my computer will not connect there is nothing they can do because all the other comps in the house are not having a problem ? I tried to system restore it but that came back and said something was preventing it doing a previous restore point, it does this for any restore point ? can anyone offer help with this ?

many thanks to all that have any idea what could be going on,

  onthelimit1 16:02 29 Nov 2012

Assuming the wireless is turned ON? (sounds daft, but wouldn't be the first time!), I'd go into device manager, network adaptors and uninstall the wireless adaptor. Reboot windows and let it reinstall the driver.

  nickf 16:14 29 Nov 2012

assume your WiFi is password protected , could be that your laptop has lost password .

  Baskerville 16:20 29 Nov 2012

Thanks a lot, I assumed that the router was fine but I turned off for thirty seconds and bingo I'm online !!!

Many thanks,


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