cannot connect 2 sky wireless broadband via laptop

  manutd_duffy 21:43 01 Aug 2008

Hi all,

I have been using sky broadband for over a month now. I connect either via my pc or via my laptop (wirelessly). Recently i haven't been unable to connect with my laptop wirelessly. I can get an internet connection with my pc without a problem. I am using the sky router that was supplied with the package. The sky router no longer displays in "choose a wireless network" area.

Any ideas please??

  Ashrich 23:30 01 Aug 2008

Which Sky wireless router do you use ?


  manutd_duffy 09:51 02 Aug 2008


Thanks for your response. It's a Sagem router.
I can now see the sky wireless network but it seems to get no further than "acquiring network address".

  Ashrich 21:56 02 Aug 2008

Try doing this to reset the Winsock and the TCP/IP stack .....go to start/run , type in the run box CMD and press enter . At the command prompt type in ...netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt , and press enter , then type in ...netsh winsock reset catalog . The resulting text will tell you that is has completed successfully and that you must reboot , type in " exit " and press enter , do that again , then reboot . See if that helps .


  manutd_duffy 20:52 03 Aug 2008


Thanks again for your help. I have tried that and I am still having the problem where is sticks on "acquiring network address". Any other suggestions please?

  Ashrich 00:50 04 Aug 2008

Have you tried removing the power to the router for a minute or two , then plugging in again and letting it settle before trying again ?

Can the laptop access any other wireless networks or does it still hang ?

Can the laptop access the router and internet if all wireless security is temporarily disabled ( in the router ) ?

Have you tried with the laptops firewall disabled ?

A few things for you to try there !!


  manutd_duffy 19:39 04 Aug 2008


Someone advised me on another forum that I should be typing in the network key in Caps. I tried that and it worked. Thanks again for your help.

  Fuzzytye 15:44 10 Aug 2008

i had the same problem so i did whhat ASHRICH said and now it wont let me access my computer wen i type my password in.. it comes up with the name sarah ??? :S:S... i dont kno if that it someone hu had the laptop b4 or u.. argh!! its not my laptop and i dont kno how to fix this please please help me!!! thankyou xx

  Ashrich 23:53 10 Aug 2008

Please start a new thread with the full information of what happened instead of posting to someone else's , and anything I suggested to manutd_duffy would not mess up your or anyone else's PC .


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