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  rupie 22:08 27 Mar 2005

I have 3 computers at home. they are xp and are networked through a belkin 5 port network switch. I have assigned ip addresses to eash one 1 is also connected to broadband through our local wireless network. The connection has its own fixed ip adress. They share files and printers very happily, eventhough 2 have got firewalls on them. I cannot get either of the other two to see the internet. I have done everything I can think of. I have run network wizards,; everything but both the others cannot see the web. Help !!

  Forum Editor 08:49 28 Mar 2005

is "connected to broadband through our local wireless network" - what does that mean? Is it your wireless network, or is it operated by someone else? Is the connection being distributed by a wireless router? If it is, the router may have its own DCHP server and be assigning IP addresses - or trying to.

You say you have assigned IP addresses, but that the broadband connection has its own fixed IP address - is this something that has been arranged with your ISP? ISP's are not keen to assign fixed IP addresses to home users for obvious reasons - the world would rapidly run out of available addresses.

Perhaps you'll provide some more detailed information, then one of us can be more helpful.

  rupie 17:31 29 Mar 2005

The local wireless network is provided by a company called ehotspot. They have given one of the 2 network cards on my motherboard an IP address to connect to their network. A network cable comes out of my computer to a special square box on the roof, which transmits to a repeater station.
I have a completly seperate wired network connecting the 3 pc's in my house; of which the 1 connected to ehotspot is one. I have been told to create ip addresses to get these 3 to talk to each other as nothing is acting as a DCHP server.

  vinnyo123 02:52 30 Mar 2005

Seems like a weird setup for an ISP to be using. Anyways did you try using windows ICS (windows internet connection sharing)This might work to route packets to proper PC. You might also need to determine what the box actually is etc. wireless access point, Router.

What is the IP they gave you? (IP on the NIC your using for Internet connection).

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